Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent: Maximize customer service productivity

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent

The Dynamics 365 Virtual agent is a cutting-edge AI chatbot that bolsters your brand’s customer services with real-time chat support.

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent | Boost your Customer Satisfaction Beyond Satisfaction

AI is the game changer in today’s digital world. With the power of Automation and predictive analysis, AI enables you to reply to text messages with human-like proficiency. Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent is a cutting-edge AI chatbot that bolsters your brand’s customer services with real-time chat support. It is built to handle huge volumes of customer interactions by smartly understanding their intent.  AI Chatbot is an efficient and cost-effective way of improving your customer service. It engages most of the customer cases. It only passes the complex cases to your service reps. This approach lightens their load and limits their focus.

What is Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent, and how is it helpful?

Dynamic 365 Virtual Agent utilizes Natural Language Processing to enable AI chatbots to understand texts and the intent behind the texts. The platform is a code-free, all-in-one customer service platform that is easy and quick to manage and deploy. It can perform multiple tasks, such as scheduling and managing cases, to engage in a chat with customers and resolve their issues. It handles these tasks seamlessly while interacting with customers.

Unlike other chatbots, Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent does not just spit out pre-fed scripts with keywords, it acts as a live agent. It serves as your first line of defense against customer issues. Additionally, it can integrate with Power Automate to trigger flows and other builds for automating customer service processes.

Advantages of Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent

6 Benefits of adopting Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for your firm

  1. 24/7 accessibility

Just like any AI chatbot, Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent operates 24/7. It provides dedicated services for solving customer issues.

  1. Self-help Portal

You can solve cases with a unified self-help portal to reduce the workload for both your development and customer service departments.

  1. Cost-Effective

It eliminates the need to hire and train Customer Service reps. It is capable of handling high volumes of customer requests effectively.

  1. Humanly Conversations

Leverage Natural Language Processing to understand your customer’s text messages. It can discern the intent behind the messages by categorizing them into three broad terms: Negative, Positive, and Neutral.

  1. AI Vision

AI vision enhances the customer experience and helps the Virtual Agent better understand the case at hand.

  1. Customer Loyalty

Encourages your customers to stay loyal to your brand and increases customer retention by providing quality customer services.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have transformed Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent into a comprehensive Customer Service Management suite. It fulfills all your customer service needs. Efficient and 24/7 automated customer support makes customer retention easier and simpler.


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