7 Things to Consider While Selecting Your ERP Implementation Partner

7 Things to Consider While Selecting Your ERP Implementation Partner

ERP implementation is very complex and can be time-consuming if you choose the wrong partner.

Choosing the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, is fairly straightforward considering the needs and capacity of your business, however, finding a suitable ERP implementation partner is quite a challenge. More than 60% of ERP projects fail in the implementation process due to poor management or extended implementation cycles. ERP implementation is very complex and can be time-consuming if you choose the wrong partner.

The foundation for a robust system such as ERP is laid by a successful implementation, which begins with selecting the right implementation partner for your company. Without the proper guidance and support, establishing an ERP system may cause the business to suffer by taking longer to accomplish the same tasks.

The decision to work with an ERP implementation partner should not be made lightly. If you don’t manage your ERP implementation properly, it can cost you time and money, putting you in a serious situation.

Why do you need an ERP Implementation Partner?

ERP implementation is a time-consuming and expensive investment that is bound to touch every nook-and-corner of your company. Many in-house IT teams lack the skill to execute an unfamiliar ERP, and there’s also a good risk that you won’t have enough capacity to deploy the chosen ERP. An implementation partner could consult with your business to identify your needs and set up a cost-effective and high-functioning ERP setup.

However, for a successful implementation, you’ll need a product-savvy implementation partner who can collaborate with your team to understand the requirements and provide the best solution possible. How can you identify the best implementation partner for your company?

Here are some aspects to consider before choosing an ERP implementation partner.

Considerations Before Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner

7 Key Considerations While Choosing ERP Implementation Partner

  1. Technical Expertise

Your ERP implementation partner should have in-depth knowledge of the ERP software. Having complete knowledge about the ERP ensures that your implementation partner will be able to comprehend how the ERP solution will integrate with your existing system and business processes. How can you know whether your ERP implementation partner has in-depth knowledge about the ERP? Their certifications, case studies, awards, recommendations, and reviews will highlight their skills and abilities in the ERP industry.

  1. Industry Experience

As a company planning to deploy an ERP system, you need to know if your ERP implementation partner has previous implementation experience within similar industries. Having an implementation partner who understands your industry ensures ERP implementation is appropriately done to accommodate your business’ growth. Check if your partner has a lot of experience in your industry or a related industry while also looking for a good track record of delivering solutions on time and within budget.

  1. Customization Capabilities

Minor changes to the ERP system can be easily accommodated by the ERP vendor, but your partner’s customization capabilities are important if you require extensive customization to fit your business. Inquire about the customizations your ERP implementation partner has carried out for their clientele.

  1. Collaboration 

There has to be open and effective communication within your team and the ERP implementation partner throughout the deployment for success. Check if your partner is able to improve user adoption, impart training to the end-users, and train your employees. It would be best to choose a partner who can promptly answer your queries and deliver dependable support.

  1. Innovative Offerings

Look for an ERP implementation partner who can provide cutting-edge solutions. An ERP system gives you visibility across the entire business, enabling better decisions and work efficiency. Check if your implementation partner can bring any innovations in their implementation offerings.

  1. Methodology

You should inquire your ERP implementation partner about their methodology. An efficient ERP implementation partner should have a proven methodology to ensure that the entire process is smooth and efficient. The faster you get up and running, the sooner you’ll see a return on your investment with the ERP system. So, inquire about your partner’s implementation strategy to ensure that the time and costs do not exceed the estimate.

  1. Post-Implementation Support

After you go live with your new ERP system, you need to ensure your system works as expected to help you achieve your goals. After ERP becomes the backbone of your business, how will you handle any issues that arise? That is why you need to know if your ERP implementation partner is capable of identifying and addressing any new challenges or provide additional training if necessary to keep the ERP running efficiently.

DemandDynamics and Rapid Implementation

The right ERP implementation partner with an excellent implementation strategy will help your company adopt a high-performing ERP software system. If you have identified Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP as the right fit for your business and are looking for an ERP implementation partner, reach out to our experts.

At DemandDynamics, we have precisely crafted our Rapid Implementation Approach to ensure your ERP implementation success.

What is Rapid Implementation?

Rapid implementation is a value offering by DemandDynamics to provide a quick and cost-effective solution to your business and help you get started with critical business functionalities. Here is what makes the offering better than any other implementation methodology –

  • Get a quicker implementation within 5-6 months.
  • Reduce implementation time and cost by more than 50%
  • Enable faster return on investments
  • Quickly automate important business processes
  • Apply complex customizations using a best-in-class enterprise solution
  • Get a Zero Defect Delivery with our best practices from years of experience

If you would like to explore more about Rapid Implementation for Dynamics 365, talk to us!

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