California-based healthcare facility upgrades to the latest GP software to manage daily operations better.

About the Client

About the Client:

Clients is a Southern California based Healthcare Facility. Their business brings people for various procedures and treatments into a wholistic living & healing environment. They used Dynamics GP integrated to 3 other major operational systems to help manage their entire facility.



  • Analyze their existing legacy Dynamics system, and all of the system integrations
  • Collaborate with the client, Microsoft, and the 3rd party system experts to upgrade and re-integrate their new systems
  • Created advanced reporting and enhanced functionality in the newly upgraded Dynamics system.



  • Enhanced functionality through the latest Dynamics GP software
  • Upgraded infrastructure for access, reporting and performance of the ERP system
  • Compatibility and Compliance met for the latest systems and requirements


Dynamics: Dynamics GP
Technologies: Dynamics GP Upgrade, Point of Sales, SSRS, Advanced Reporting