Canadian-based college elevates migrant support services with Dynamics 365 CRM

About the Client

About the Client:

The client is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting migrants moving to Canada. They provide essential support and resources to help migrants adjust to their new lives in Canada.

Business Challenges

  • Inefficient systems: The organization struggled with outdated and ineffective systems that hampered their ability to provide support to migrants.
  • Inadequate data reporting: Lack of comprehensive data analytics made it difficult to track progress, measure success and to make informed decisions.
  • Less-than-optimal user experience: Migrants seeking assistance encountered difficulties due to a non-intuitive and cumbersome user interface.


  • DemandDynamics implemented Customized PFC modules to optimize program management and pre-arrival services.
  • User-friendly portals were designed for ease of access and interaction.
  • Custom CRM contact forms were developed for personalized assistance to migrants.
  • A Power BI-driven graphical reporting system was introduced for comprehensive data analysis.


  • Streamlined processes led to increased productivity and a smoother migration support system.
  • The user experience was significantly enhanced, providing a more user-centric approach for migrants.