How to Find the Perfect Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant

Dynamics 365 Business Central consultant

Businesses desire a highly customizable ERP solution upon which to build their business and satisfy customer expectations Finding the right ERP solution includes customizing the solution to the benefit of the business.

However, it can be laborious to customize and tweak the solution with internal teams. Instead, consulting teams specialize in personalized solutions that you can take advantage of.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the most sought-after ERP solution in the business world. Many companies searching for the ideal ERP to support their business use it. Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants fill a critical role in this process. They keep the ERP solution up to date with organizational and customer requirements and mainly focus on two things:

  • What do you require?
  • What do you need?

Why Hire an External Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant?

Here are six reasons why a consultant is the better choice for implementation, migration, and maintenance versus using an internal team.

  1. Experience: D365 Business Central consultants have years of experience and advanced knowledge with which they have honed their ERP implementation skills.
  2. Training: External consultants can help organizations with practical employee training. If an internal resource trains the employees, it can be time-consuming. The most probable reason is that they are also new to the solution.
  3. Cost difference: While internal resources may seem like the most cost-efficient solution, this can be misleading. An external resource is deployed only when you need their assistance, which can save thousands of dollars.
  4. Best practices: When you work closely with an experienced consultant, you understand best practices from the industry much better.
  5. Problem-solving: D365 Business Central consultants work on several projects and have experience with diverse problems of the ERP system. They are trained to troubleshoot and fix issues that they most likely would have encountered previously.
  6. Pre-developed codes: Consultants have pre-developed code libraries that accelerate the development process. In the case of an internal resource, they will have to develop new lines of code from scratch, which is a lot more time-consuming.

Customization is key to harnessing the full potential and power of Dynamics 365 solutions. Dynamics 365 Business Central is famous for the way it transforms businesses and improves their ROI. However, for a company to experience Business Central’s full potential, the help of a consultation partner is essential.

What if the D365 Business Central consultant is not credible? How will you know?

How to Choose the Correct Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant

  1. Knowledge: The Dynamics 365 Business Central consultant you select for your BC ERP must know the nuanced aspects of the system, its UI, capabilities, and customizations.
  2. The team: Take time to research the team and those working closely with you. Whomever you hire, it is essential that they can quickly accommodate your working style.
  3. Values: D365 Business Central consultants with the same or similar values as yours can assist you much better. Transparency with timelines, budgets, and additional costs can further develop a partnership.
  4. Microsoft partner: Make sure that the consultant is a credible partner of Microsoft for a seamless experience.
  5. Communication: Open, unfettered communication is the key to success. With good communication, any issues that arise become solvable.
  6. Implementation record: Determine the number of implementations the consultant has completed because it helps gauge their experience.

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One Step Closer to a D365 Business Central Consultant

After you apply the above criteria, shortlisting from a list of dynamics 365 business central consulting partners who best suit your business will be a simple task.

DemandDynamics is a Microsoft Gold partner consultant with numerous successful Business Central implementations. A team of trained experts handles clients’ needs after taking the time to understand their long-term goals.

DemandDynamics is home to on-demand services that work on a pay-as-you-use basis and pay only for the services used and the time you utilize them. This cost-effective model is a favorite among other clients as it is a no-commitment model; they can opt-in or out of services as necessary.

Learn more about DemandDynamics and its record of successful partnerships.

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