Cloud ERP – The key to a connected Supply Chain

Cloud ERP - The key to a connected Supply Chain

A modern, cloud-based ERP solution offers powerful core capabilities and next-level options.

A modern ERP system is the key to a resilient supply chain. Here’s why.

The need to contain operational costs and build connected processes has gained momentum throughout the corporate environment. It is time for businesses to reimagine their supply chains to thrive in a post-pandemic world. Increased visibility and agility of the supply chain are vital to becoming highly resilient as businesses across the globe emerge from the COVID crisis.

A more innovative supply chain management enables organizations to manage disruptions and scale quickly to meet evolving marketplace demands. The supply chain of a typical mid-size organization is convoluted and has many moving parts. How do you unify and modernize your supply chain? And most importantly, where do you begin? The answer is simple. It starts with moving away from a legacy ERP system. A modern, cloud-based ERP solution offers powerful core capabilities and next-level options.

Is it time to say goodbye to your legacy ERP system?

Often, it is hard to let go of old ways of working. Most organizations seek shelter in the land of compromise to avoid change and the complexity of making a high-stakes decision. This is a natural response. Fortunately, upgrading to a new ERP has benefits that outweigh the anxiety of retiring the ERP software you had been accustomed to that has generally served you well over time.

A legacy ERP system is difficult to customize and needs specialized IT teams to handle even minor customization outside of the software’s basic functionalities. Data that lies within the system is fragmented and difficult to extract. And end-users of legacy ERPs are forced to work with a tangled web of multiple systems and processes. Clearly a sub-optimal situation.

It is probably time for your business to explore the strategic advantages of a new ERP system, primarily to lower IT costs and improve flexibility. Organizations that do not want their employees to become the life support agents of an old, ailing system are moving to modern ERP systems deployed in the cloud.

ERP- The key to a resilient supply chain

Five significant benefits of adopting a responsive and connected cloud-based ERP

Anytime access to essential data.

A cloud ERP software decentralizes data, makes it easily accessible, and facilitates greater collaboration and agility. It offers greater supply chain visibility and real-time information on order, inventory, and delivery data. These insights lead to data-driven decisions that reduce disruption-mitigation time and uncover opportunities to increase efficiency across the supply chain continuum.

Monitor supply chain activities with ease

A cloud ERP provides the data necessary to track and alter supply chain activities. It allows flexibility to thriving companies to ensure cost-effective operations and competitiveness.

Better data security

A leading cloud-based ERP provider like Microsoft offers companies a highly sophisticated, enterprise-grade security infrastructure. Advanced predictive algorithms quickly detect anomalies and data security risks to prevent malware and cyber security threats.

Meet customer demands with ease

Customer demands are changing. It is essential to be agile to meet new customer segments and marketing channels as they appear. Clear insights into inventory and delivery data enable organizations to provide customers with timely services and information. Increased supply chain transparency benefits customers as they are provided relevant information on their purchases—including delivery time—creating greater brand affinity.

Achieve top-line benefits

The constructive use of production lines and employee productivity steers organizations to achieve strategic growth initiatives. A cloud ERP provides a modern solution that addresses contemporary challenges by automating operations and eliminating redundant processes in the supply chain.

Build supply chain resilience with DemandDynamics

To build a resilient and intelligent supply chain, the first step is to move your operations to the cloud. We are a Microsoft Gold partner with proven expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 design and implementation. We can help you migrate to the cloud faster, with tailored innovation, and reduced effort. Talk to our Experts!

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