How Much Does it Cost to Implement Dynamics 365 Business Central?

cost to implement Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud ERP software that enables mid-market organizations to manage and scale their business operations in ways that enhance efficiency and boost productivity. An integrated cloud solution like Business Central allows businesses to run their operations more quickly with greater innovation in an agile and connected manner.

One of the critical challenges that small and medium-sized organizations face while scaling their operations is building a connected business ecosystem. Manually intensive and disconnected processes can hamstring growth.

Business Central (Dynamics 365 BC) solves this challenge by offering cloud based platform that connects sales, service, finance, and operations teams—to work as one. Dynamics 365 Business Central allows organizations to accelerate their journey by leveraging the Cloud environment.

If you plan to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central, this blog can answer most of the important questions and dispel a few implementation myths along the way. Included are briefs about Dynamics 365 BC pricing, licensing options, major features available under each plan, and the cost of partnering with an implementation specialist.

The conventional implementation is the fairy-tale we are made to believe

The tale: Once a long time ago, in the age of client-server computing, there was an IT team that was struggling to cope with business challenges and growth. Along came a new software package based on the latest “advanced technology.” Easily implemented, the software worked like magic, and the team was transformed into a space-age marvel of efficiency.

The reality: A business management solution is not a magic wand. It is not conceived of casually—there are many considerations around the existing systems, integration, and resources—and it is not easily implemented and brought on line. Technology execution requires a thoughtful strategic context. Without this underpinning it rarely provides quantifiable business results. For success it is vital to get the first step right: implementation.

How Much Does it Cost to Implement Dynamics 365 Business Central?

The cost of a Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation depends on several factors, not least of which are technology selections, finite personal and financial resources, and lack of user adoption. To install, integrate, and maintain a new Dynamics 365 solution is complex, so it’s best to work with certified industry experts for a cost-effective and error-free process. The right implementation partner will work in harmony with your team, help you extract the best results from the solution, and support you with training and services after implementation.

Pricing Plans of Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Business Central offers three pricing packages and licensing options. Here is a quick summary of each pricing plan’s price points and features.

Business Central Essentials Business Central Premium Business Central Team Members


Financial Management

Customer Relationship Management

Inventory Management

Sales Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Warehouse Management

Human Resources Management




Everything under the Essentials plan

Service Management

Manufacturing Management








Ability to view and edit reports.








Factors that Can Affect the pricing of Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • The number of required integrations with external software
  • Configuration of modules
  • Migration of existing data
  • End-user training hours
  • Number of users and licenses
  • Number of modules purchased
  • Revisiting and firming up engagement programs
  • Scope and timeline of the project
  • Post-implementation support
  • Expertise in the implementation partner

Business Central is an extensive software package that requires configuration experience to meet unique business needs. It is not a simple, bare-boned software that works straight out of the box. It is essential to work with an experienced implementation partner to customize the software to realize the maximum return on your investment.

Why is there a Difference in Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Prices?

It can be confounding to learn that a Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation can range from $3,000 to $100,000. The difference in pricing varies based on the amount of work and resources involved during the implementation process. For example, small companies that need to streamline their accounting process will require a quick-start implementation of the accounting functionality alone. As a result, those costs come to a little more than $2500. However, implementing other functionality such as manufacturing or inventory management tailored to specific processes will cost upwards of $70,000.

  • Quick-start implementation package

As the name suggests, a quick-start involves installing and configuring a single functionality or module. The implementation timeframe is short, and extensive customization is not needed. The cost falls between $3000 to $10000 based on the module implemented and the resources involved. Usually the complexity and number of users are minimal.

  • Standard Business Central Implementation Package

The Standard Package, on average, costs upwards of $70,000, which is in the price range of $300 to $500 per hour. A slightly more labour-intensive process would require implementing all the core modules such as Sales, Inventory, and Accounting. In addition, the configuration of modules to align with workflows and an extensive data conversion process are involved. A standard package implementation process takes about six months to complete.

  • Advanced Business Central Implementation Package

The implementation process is highly complex, with a lot of moving parts. Advanced functionality, an extensive configuration of modules, and customization for multiple users and licenses are required. The implementation costs fall in the $100,000 to $300,000 price range. It takes more than eight months to complete and is typically a long-term project with multiple training sessions.

Note: All the prices mentioned in this article are industry estimates and do not reflect the pricing structure of DemandDynamics. 

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