Top 5 Dynamics 365 Business Central Features 2020 Wave 1

Business Central Features

Microsoft announces feature updates for its suite of cloud apps twice a year. The latest Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 release has been announced, and the new Business Central features and enhancements will arrive within the next few months.As Microsoft Dynamics fan club members, this is the time of the year when we eagerly anticipate the many enhancements that invariably enrich both app performance and user experience. In this blog, we are going to discuss our top 5 favorite feature upgrades included in Microsoft’s 2020 Wave 1 release for Dynamics Business Central.

Top Dynamics 365 Business Central Features:

1. Business Central integration with Common Data Service

The improvements to the Common Data Integration will increase the extensibility of integrations with other workloads. Allowing multiple companies to connect to a Common Data Service environment will intensify their performance, reliability, and supportability. This Business Central feature will also allow synchronizing custom attributes, adding additional tables, support for mapping, and transforming field values in the synchronization process.

2. Multiple languages

In this release, various languages are provided as apps, which can be downloaded from AppSource to match individual requirements. This new Business Central feature lets you install and use any supported language, as per your needs on individual environments.

3. Auto-insert recurring sales and purchase lines

Although it is not a completely novel feature, this new enhancement makes it possible to automatically insert the recurring sales and purchase documents for customers/vendors with predefined lines. The pattern of feature enhancement has streamlined data entry, improved productivity, and elevated the modern client experience.

4. Bank reconciliation improvements

There are many customer-requested enhancements in this 2020 Wave 1 release. Bank reconciliation improvements is one of the Business Central features that was picked from the Ideas Portal, and it is a top customer-requested enhancement. This feature helps users improve their financial management by efficiently managing reconciliation tasks. These bank reconciliation improvements also help you identify missing payments, unusual transactions, and errors in transactions, and they quickly improve the process efficiency.

5. Migrations to Business Central online

With the new customer migration tools, Microsoft provides support to existing customers and enhances migration from a broader set of Dynamics versions. With the 2020 Wave 1 release, further enhancements for migrating data from Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, and Business Central on-premise to Business Central online has been added.

A sneak peek at the complete list of Business Central enhancements

In this wave of updates, the focus is primarily centered on service quality and accessibility. What we discussed above are our top 5 favorite Business Central features of the 2020 Wave 1 release. For those who seek complete information of all of the feature updates in the 2020 Wave 1 release, see the list below:

Enhancements that can help Modern Client users boost the efficiency of their day-to-day operations

  • Enhanced UI and navigation features
  • Possibility to disable excel export​
  • Non-interactive printing in the cloud
  • Ability to import profiles and UI customizations

Enhancements that provide flexibility to developers when creating new features as Extensions

  • Ability to refactor a field from a table to a table Extension
  • Access to camera/location APIs
  • Obsolete tag property
  • Other features such as AL interfaces, multiple variable declarations, etc.

Enhancements to the Business Central Admin Center

  • Possibility to contact support directly from the Admin Center
  • Possibility to manage apps/sessions and cancel sessions
  • More user-friendly environment list
  • Additional information fields

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