Dynamics 365 Business Central vs NetSuite – The best of ERP software

dynamics 365 business central vs netsuite

Microsoft Dynamics 365 business Central vs NetSuite, which suits your business better?

ERP systems are naturally known for the way they help streamline and automate business processes, making way for a much more accurate and efficient operation within the various teams. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central and Oracle NetSuite are two of the top ERP software solutions that businesses opt for, yet, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central seems to have an edge over Oracle NetSuite.

Dynamics 365 Business Central – An ERP solution ruling the business world

Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cloud-based ERP system is well in use for comprehensive business management. It facilitates businesses to automate and streamline their business processes with much ease.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a hub of numerous features to propel businesses in the right direction:

  • Allows users to work flexibly with no limitations to geography
  • Cloud and on-premise options are open and available
  • Helps business growth with technology like Machine learning, AI and IoT
  • Allows controlled business data transmission with automatic datacenter encryption

Customization with respect to what the business requirements are

Oracle NetSuite – ERP cloud solution uplifting businesses

NetSuite is a platform that comprises of suite applications and they help run businesses and improve efficiency.

  • Unifies business view in a single platform
  • Intelligent reporting capabilities
  • Flexible in meeting business requirements

Oracle NetSuite satisfies major ERP expectations, however, there are three pointers that negatively affect it:

  • NetSuite, although customizable, makes it difficult for users to maintain and support
  • Advanced modules of the software are available at an extra cost
  • Opting for NetSuite can be expensive considering the yearly subscription fee that increases with increase in demand for higher resources.

Microsoft dynamics 365 business central vs NetSuite

 S.No Dynamics 365 Business Central Oracle NetSuite
Customization Built so that the user can tailor the solution according to the way it suits their business. Customization is limited
Reporting Enhanced with the help of Power BI Out of the box reporting
Scalability Meets business requirements effortlessly One-size-fits-all
Features ·       Built-in AI

·       Sales enhancement

·       Human Resource management

·       Inventory/sales/purchase order management

·       Managing finance

·       Efficient O2C process

·       Audit Trail Visibility

·       Procure-to-pay

·       Robust tax management

Cloud or on-premise Cloud and on-premise options available. Cloud-only solution
Subscription cost $70/user/month. Additional add-ons available. Estimated pricing is $999/month + $99/user/month.

(Prices are not public)

Implementation time Two weeks Longer than two weeks
Security Slight edge of security due to easy customization Susceptible to attacks

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