Dynamics 365 Business Central vs Quick Books – All you need to know

QuickBooks vs. Dynamics 365 Business Central

QuickBooks vs. Dynamics 365 Business Central An Overview

QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are software solutions that provide core functionalities for basic accounting in small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Both are cloud software solutions, where Business Central is a complete ERP solution with CRM capabilities, and QuickBooks is an accounting solution—so, similar in respect. Other than that, the two solutions belong to entirely different leagues.

Adapting to a solution that caters to your diverse needs and provides a strong foundation for business growth to make your business future-ready is essential. A few differences between Dynamics 365 Business central and Quick Books are listed below to discover which solution benefits your company’s needs more.

QuickBooks vs Dynamics 365 Business Central—the benefits

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting solutions in the market. However, it still lacks the prime features that growing businesses need. On the contrary, Business Central has nearly 800 features that QuickBooks does not offer. As a result, QuickBooks is an excellent entry-level accounting solution, but as organizations become bigger, QuickBooks may not be able to keep up. They would need to scale up to a more comprehensive business management solution and a software platform that enables them to unify several business areas.

QuickBooks has been around for years, and its popularity comes with the ability to easily integrated payroll and payment processing (including the payroll and merchant services add-ons). However, QuickBooks is used mostly by small businesses as accounting software. It lacks wider options meant for SMEs and growing businesses because it does not have the functionalities required for more complex operations as would be required of a complete ERP solution. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP that handles end-to-end management of business processes and can serve larger organizations.

Comparison Table: QuickBooks vs Dynamics 365 Business Central

1 Suitability Microsoft’s first pure cloud-based ERP solution – Suitable for organizations of all types, especially SMEs (Small and medium-sized Enterprises) Small and medium-sized Organizations
2 Deployments Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Desktop – Mac
Desktop – Windows
On-Premise – Windows
On-Premise – Linux
Mobile – Android
Mobile – iPhone
Mobile – iPad
Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Desktop – Mac
Desktop – Windows
Mobile – Android
Mobile – iPhone
Mobile – iPad
3 Time Tracking Features to track and manage time entries, attendance, reporting using Microsoft Outlook, web browsers, and mobile devices. Provides an end-to-end time tracking system using automated reports and schedules.
4 Support Email/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
Phone Support
Email/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
Phone Support
24/7 (Live Rep)
5 Business Process Automation Creates fully customized automated experiences across all aspects of business management using automation templates. QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Online Advanced help growing businesses save time and money by streamlining cash flow management, invoice template, and customer communications.
6 Training Webinars
Live Online
7 Project Management The Project Operations module unifies sales, resourcing, project management, and finance teams within a single application.

Reports and dashboards help users communicate, track projects, and allocate tasks in real-time.

QuickBooks Online Advanced job costing features enable users to track profits and costs in real-time
8 Reporting and Analytics Dashboards provide advanced functionalities that gather data from multiple sources.

Built-in custom reporting options can be integrated with Power BI and several third-party apps.

Standard and customizable reports help monitor critical financial metrics and transaction-level details.

Dashboards and custom charts help in visual tracking of business performance.

9 Customization Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based software and is available across multiple devices and places with an Internet connection. QuickBooks only offers generic support and is poor to address functions such as reporting.
10 Multi-Language Dynamics 365 Business Central supports multiple languages. QuickBooks does not support multiple languages.
11 Licensing $90/user/month for licenses including a standard support plan. QuickBooks Enterprise Gold with Hosting, their most popular plan, starts at $169/user/month for a single user and decreases in per-month cost with each new user.
12 Billing Frequency Monthly Monthly or annual. Annual payments come with a slight reduction in price.

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1. Can Dynamics 365 replace QuickBooks?

Many users are now switching to Dynamics 365 Business Central because QuickBooks’s simplicity and ease of use have also turned out to be its weakness. Businesses find it challenging to upgrade QuickBooks, and over time, its shortcomings like insufficient reporting, duplicate data, manual processes, siloed systems, and security Issues became a hindrance. On the other hand, Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that is easy to use and adapt. With a simple Microsoft Office 365 user interface, personalized feeds, and smart notifications, Dynamics 365 Business Central helps SMBs connect their business and make smarter decisions.

2. QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics 365: Which one is Right for You?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central might be a right fit for your business if you have the following requirements:

  • Security is your main priority
  • You plan to or currently operate in several countries.
  • You make more than 1000 transactions per month
  • You handle deferred expenses
  • You frequently audit company data

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