Dynamics 365 for Finance — The Best way to save time and money

Dynamics 365 for Finance

Do you wrestle with the challenges of managing your finances? Perhaps you find yourself buried under heaps of manual tasks; you struggle to make sense of scattered data and hesitate over critical decisions. Did you know that a significant number of businesses—around 70%—face obstacles when trying to scale up due to financial management challenges (Forbes, 2022)? It’s time to breathe easier because Dynamics 365 for Finance is here to automate manual tasks, seamlessly integrate data, and add newfound clarity to your decision-making. This blog explores how Dynamics 365 for Finance can be your growth catalyst, turning your aspirations into tangible achievements.

How Dynamics 365 for Finance helps solve financial and operational challenges

Improves financial data visibility

Imagine having a clear view of your finances all in one place, and organized in a manner that makes decisions easier. Dynamics 365 for Finance offers this clarity to help you spot trends, track performance, and make smarter choices.

Compliance with Financial Regulations

Managing financial regulations can become challenging due to their complexity and frequent changes. Dynamics 365 for Finance provides helpful tools that help you follow these regulations and minimize the chances of unintentional errors or oversights that could lead to compliance issues.

Informed decision-making

Dynamics 365 for Finance harnesses the power of advanced analytics and transforms raw data into actionable insights. This empowers you to make informed decisions and steers your business toward strategic growth.

Seamless integrations

Connect effortlessly. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations syncs with Microsoft tools and third-party apps. It automates payments, banking, and shipping to streamline operations and reduce errors.

Expand into new markets

Businesses can expand into new markets with tools that help manage their financial operations in multiple countries.

Safeguards financial data in the Cloud

Just as you secure your office at night, you must protect your financial data 24/7. Dynamics 365 for Finance does this securely in the Cloud to guarantee that your financial information is safe.

A Forrester study commissioned by Microsoft reveals significant benefits of D365 Finance. With a potential ROI of 122 percent, the solution helps companies achieve the following:

Enhanced productivity:

  • Streamlined processes by approximately 55 percent.
  • Reduced the need for additional staff.
  • Enabled informed data-driven decisions.

Cost savings:

Cloud-based ERP with automatic updates cuts costs, potentially saving millions over three years.

How Dynamics 365 Finance saves time

  • Cash flow forecasting: Predict potential cash shortages using AI-driven cash flow forecasting. D365 Finance analyzes historical data and uses machine learning and predictive analytics for accurate forecasts and cash flow optimization tips.
  • Financial insights: Gain real-time visibility into vital financial metrics, such as revenue and expenses. Dynamics 365 Finance employs AI to analyze financial data and reveal trends, risks, and opportunities.
  • Fraud detection: Leverage the AI-powered fraud detection feature. It identifies and prevents payment, vendor, and employee fraud by tracking financial transactions for anomalies and patterns.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Share documents, track tasks, and maintain real-time communication. Elevate process efficiency and ensure everyone is aligned for optimal outcomes.

Time-saving features of Dynamics 365 Finance

Analytics for reporting: Businesses can generate reports on key performance indicators, such as work orders, scheduling activities, and customer interactions.

Effortless invoicing: No more manual invoicing. Invoices are automatically directed, and supplier invoice lines are matched to product receipts.

Swift payment collection: Use rule-driven and predictive collection automation for on-time payments, and streamline cash flow.

Unified productivity hub: Connect Dynamics 365 with other apps in the Microsoft ecosystem to access a central hub of data for enhanced cross-functional teamwork. You can create personalized workspaces and leverage predictive insights tailored to specific roles.

How Dynamics 365 Finance saves costs

  • Seamless financial reporting: A comprehensive suite of financial tools facilitates the generation of precise and punctual reports, helping you thoroughly monitor financial performance. With these insights, you can identify growth opportunities, optimize operations, and enhance your financial decision-making.
  • Informed financial choices: Businesses can track and understand the current financial landscape to gain clarity on when to embark on new product or service investments, strategically manage debt, and determine opportune moments for pricing adjustments.

Cost-saving features of Dynamics 365 Finance

Innovative billing solutions: Navigate complex billing scenarios with subscription billing. Gain actionable insights and automate reporting for recurring revenue streams.

Rapid, cost-effective expansion: Launch new branches or product lines easily by duplicating an existing entity’s setup to a fresh entity. You can immediately begin the onboarding process and match proven operations and in-house best practices.

Future-proof your business with DemandDynamics

DemandDynamics is a Microsoft Gold partner with trained professionals who devise perfect solutions for Dynamics 365 Finance implementation, migration, customization, and support. Our on-demand services help you with the best solutions within a budget-friendly framework. You only pay for the time used. We offer the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations QuickStart package, which implements Dynamics 365 for Finance in just five months.

Here is how we helped one of our customers leverage D365 Finance: A pallet management and packaging firm enhances financial operations and user empowerment through Dynamics 365 enhancements.

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