Dynamics 365 Marketing – All new updates and features

Dynamics 365 Marketing – All new updates and features

Dynamics 365 Marketing was recently under the radar for new features and updates in the latest Release wave 2 in 2021, and some of them are revolutionary.

This update in Dynamics 365 Marketing has diminished the line between marketing and customer experience. Through this release, Microsoft has combined the forces of marketing automation and customer experience (CX), which helps bind a strong relationship with customers.

Dynamics 365 Marketing was already an excellent investment that businesses were ready to make. This release wave focused more on the processes and capabilities that revolve around customer journeys, making this release wave of great significance.

Latest updates of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Natural Language: 

The Natural Language Query (NLQ) can help businesses build segments quickly in Dynamics 365 Marketing and defining logic. What NLQ does is that it allows the user to use common words and phrases to explain without knowing the Common Data Model while building queries.

Improvising email designs with A/B tests

Email marketing is an integral part of real-time marketing, and the new outbound features help streamline email creation, AI-driven testing, and customer segmentation.

A/B tests help compare templates and find which one will work the best. It not only figures out the best of the two but automatically releases an email with that template to the audience. A template ‘A’ is created which is used as a base for the second template ‘B’ after which they are tested.

A/B testing sends these templates to around 10% of contacts (some will receive ‘A’ and the others receive ‘B’) and analyses the interaction results, and the winning template is chosen.

This method helps in better email open and engagement rates.

Outbound text messages for direct customer interaction

SMS allows businesses to connect with their customers on a much more personal level, real-time marketing at its best. However, the Dynamics 365 Marketing app does not track responses except for compliance-related keywords (example: stop). Messaging metrics are, however, monitored to capture insights.

Businesses can utilize customer insights stored in Azure lakes to build segments and support real-time journeys. In addition, dynamics 365 Marketing now allows 100M outbound communications every month. This factor adds to the flexibility quotient of marketers. Power Automate Flow defines custom processes which helps gain a lot more control over customer journeys.

Twilio and TeleSign SMS, which are third-party platforms, can send personalized messages to customers. This integration works worldwide where users can purchase phone numbers from these platforms.

Personalization of content:

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, real-time marketing is a perk that businesses have enjoyed as it comes with powerful personalization capabilities. Companies can positively use personalized data, content, text messages, and notifications to connect better with prospects and customers. This release also made way for advanced personalization like related tables and conditional content.


Dynamics 365 Marketing has gained a lot more features and updates early this year, and there is still more waiting in the closets of Microsoft set to launch every few months. 2021 and early 2022 saw the most updates in modules and improvised capabilities that help refine marketing strategies.

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