Dynamics 365 Marketing – Paving your way with personalized engagement

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing solution used by many businesses to bring their customer information to one place.

It also provides marketing automation features that are game-changing in many ways, a few of the highlighting features are lead scoring and customizable email templates. They help you to connect with the customers and prospects on a better level.

Microsoft’s 2021 release wave focused on improving the way businesses worked to create customer journeys and to stretch across all customer touchpoints. This way businesses can take their personalization to a grand scale.

5 ways how Dynamics 365 Marketing transforms your business

1. The marketing information hub:

Team members can be a lot less dependent on each other and instead depend on the centralized marketing data that is available at their disposal. This feature allows marketing teams to work much more efficiently.

2. Communicating with customers – now personalized:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is home to many advantages, but what makes it a marketer’s favorite is the customer segmentation part. This feature allows to tailor communication according to what the customers’ business requirements. The role of marketing is being able to attract the right audience and segment them properly and D365 Marketing serves that purpose impeccably.

3. Simplifying automation with customer journey mapping:

Mapping a customer’s journey sets automation of everyday processes in motion. This feature avoids unwanted human intervention and gets triggered without any mediation or outside force.

4. Listen to your customers up close:

With any business, gaining customer trust and feedback is crucial for improvement and growth. Dynamics 365 Marketing can give your business the right kind of push with surveys that you can send to customers.

5. Measuring sales-readiness – now automated:

Automation has without a doubt helped businesses across the globe in improving their working conditions. This particular offering from D365 Marketing makes generating and measuring leads simpler, yet much more effective. The tool monitors marketing activities over time and generates leads automatically.

Highlights of the newest innovations

Highlights of the newest innovations (The 2021 release version)

  1. Connecting with your customers:

The importance of immediate response to customers:

Let’s begin with a common fact: Only by understanding what the customer wants can there be a proper approach from a basic level (customer-led journeys)

Mobile phones are ruling over people’s lives and careers and there isn’t a day when they don’t check their phones.

This way, the best strategy to reach out to customers or even prospects is through SMS messages. Two of the most commonly used communication platforms in the United States are Twilio and TeleSign, integrating SMS messages with these platforms ensure reaching a wide cluster of customers. SMS channels are also the best as their transactional speed is immeasurable, opening gates to great flexibility.

Frequency of interaction matters:

Imagine a scenario where the customer support is slow and difficult to reach out to, you wouldn’t stay loyal to that company. Similarly, increasing the interaction rate with your customer will only bring in more customers.

Your company needs to focus on responding to customers whenever they want you to reach out to them. This is due to the fact that in customer-led journeys, customers and prospects decide the frequency of your interaction with them.

       2. Connecting on a personal level with each customer

The 2021 release sure did bring in some great capabilities to D365 Marketing. Now connecting with each of your customers individually is easier than ever before.

Rich customer experiences = Enhanced journeys

Every business is unique, and uniqueness comes with fine-tuning customer processes. Microsoft Power Automate Flows helps in building automated processes with flows. This brings an unlimited range of customization to your customer experience. This integration helps your business give the best experiences to your customer based on their demands.

Personalized emails, a time saver:

When sending out emails, personalization is one thing you can never compromise on. How can you save time with personalized emails? Adding lists of data that are relevant to the customer you are sending the email to not only deepens the level of personalization, but also saves your time.

Increasing attribute support increases engagement:

Now, we’ve come to a definite conclusion that personalization pools in customers like none other, increasing engagement significantly. The latest 2021 release helps you with exactly that, from creating journey branches to triggering the start of a customer journey.

      3. Tapping into the power of AI and analytics

Generate content for emails with AI:

Starting an email from scratch can be hectic at times, what if you have custom ideas in your email editor that gives you a clear objective? D365 Marketing makes this very much a reality. Now you save time and are closer to bringing in customer traffic. This feature in D365 Marketing is transparent and raises your business value significantly.

Test how your emails will perform:

Writing compelling emails is one thing, but actually knowing if they work is another. Testing is your emails are capable of being perceived by your target audience is made possible by D365 Marketing’s A/B testing. The new editor does the testing for you, this way you can improvise your emails based on the performance.

How to build segments with Natural language:

Microsoft’s 2021 release wave brought in a feature where natural language sentences can be used to build segments faster. Small and simple words can be used to define the segment’s attributes. With the added advantage of AI backing it up, the rest is easily taken care of.

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How DemandDynamics can help you?

Once you understand that better marketing can be done with D365 marketing, you are one step closer to gaining more customers. What else could you possibly need? A rightfully certified Microsoft partner to help you go about with the transformation.

At DemandDynamics, we work on providing the best environment for your digital transformation by optimizing the suite of solutions offered by Microsoft.

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If you are using on-premises marketing services and wish to stay in the same, then we can help you with our ongoing support services. If you plan on migrating from on-premises to the cloud, then we can definitely help you with that as well. In case you need a brand new implementation, then our team of experts can guide you with that too.

If you’d like to know more about our services or D365 Marketing, please feel free to schedule a call with one of our experts.

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