Dynamics 365 – Recipe to successful manufacturing

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Microsoft’s Dynamics AX is tailored to uplift manufacturers and elevate their reach, and its updated Dynamics 365 makes the process faster.

Why Dynamics 365 is Perfect for Your Manufacturing Firm

Day by day, as new products come into the marketplace, the manufacturing industry expands its territory across the globe. With the right equipment and labour, anybody can be a manufacturer. Still, the million-dollar question is, what does one need to have the edge over several other competitors? Successful entrepreneurs choose the ERP platform to leverage their business.

ERP software is in high demand among manufacturers for the following three reasons:

1) core business areas need only one implementation session with ERP software

2) They make businesses flexible and scalable

3) They break down siloes within business operations and enable teams to have a global view of customer communications

There is one such ERP platform that businesses across the globe trust, ‘Dynamics 365’, and it is time to know why.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft’s Dynamics AX is tailored to uplift manufacturers and elevate their reach, and its updated Dynamics 365 makes the process faster.

You must be wondering about how Microsoft has always stood out. Powered with AI technology that enables quick and efficient decision-making and other analytics tools to help achieve the highest degree of accuracy, D365 has comfortably snuggled in with day-to-day business processes.

With real-time visibility, improvising on the various manufacturing processes lets you know what materials you already have in-house and what needs to be purchased based on availability. It saves you time and downsizes the wastage of resources. It accelerates all your employees’ performances and makes way for them to focus more on their targets as a team.

Flexibility in Deployment 

While moving to the cloud can open gates to niche facilities and features, there may be businesses that aren’t quite ready to move to the cloud yet. Certain companies may feel comfortable with the on-premises deployment that they are presently using.

Often, when a company launches an improvised product, there arises a bit of confusion about whether the migration would be a wise choice for the company.

Microsoft believes in making its customers feel welcomed with whichever application they choose. They extend undivided support to on-premises if you are comfortable staying with the same platform. However, if you are willing to move to the cloud to secure your business’s future today rather than tomorrow, then Microsoft supports your decision there too.

Will ease of use compromise efficiency?

Here’s a simple question for you.

Would you instead buy a smartwatch that is difficult to set up yet has a fantastic design, or would you go for a tacky yet easy one to set up? As the business landscape changes, customers tend to make newer versatile choices that benefit them more.

Similarly, companies prefer an ERP platform that is easy to use without compromising the efficiency quotient.

Microsoft has consistently been a pioneer in giving its customers this experience over multiple software applications they have brought to life. Dynamics 365, one of their newer creations, offers the same sophisticated comfort as their previous applications.

Microsoft brought new features like the Task Recorder and Task Guides into the updated ERP system. Task Recorder allows the user to record business processes for multiple use cases and creates documentation of the business process on the go. Task Guide guides the user through the steps of a particular task. When clicked, the Help pane opens it and unravels the step-wise instructions.

Dynamics 365 - Turning heads with technological advancements

IoT in manufacturing – The powerhouse of unlocking capabilities

It is a wonder how the harmony of a device and sensor can change day-to-day activities in the best possible way. A couple of years ago, IoT seemed like just another technology that may be lost with time. Still, time and again, with creations like smart cities and smart homes, IoT has already made a statement.

IoT in manufacturing has made the system more innovative and agile. From keeping track of your shop floor and top floor to maintenance and supply-chain management in real-time, IoT has amplified the capabilities of the manufacturing industry.

Dynamics 365 and IoT help your organization gain the much-needed edge over competitors from the same realm.

Here are a few places where IoT is beneficial to the manufacturing sector:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Manufacturing capacity, throughput, and availability
  • Remaining Useful Life – “RUL”
  • Quality control
  • Process improvement
  • Service contract impact

Machine Learning in the Manufacturing biz

Like AI and IoT, ML – Machine Learning quickly became popular amongst the manufacturing circle. The various ways it facilitates the organization and the sanctuary of tools, use cases, and applications it brings to life have left the industry wanting more.

ML is often applied to the supply chain to improve efficiency, and its training method only leaves room to get better every time. The best part is that ML helps reduce costs as it optimizes your shop floor.

Automated Business Intelligence to the rescue

Power BI is a tool that helps predict, analyze and automate your business, and here is how it benefits businesses around the world. Power BI helps in making better business decisions with the insights it provides. Numerous companies worldwide that are Microsoft’s customers have taken Power BI’s help in a business transition.

Where DemandDynamics comes to play

Dynamics 365 is undoubtedly your key to unlocking a better competitive future for your manufacturing business, with all the grandeur that is ERP systems, implementation. Upgrades, migration, or support can become tedious to do independently. However, working closely with a certified Microsoft consultation partner can ensure a smooth sailing process.

We at DemandDynamics are a certified gold partner with Microsoft, and our goal is to make your digital transformation as easy as possible with continuous engagement.

Our services don’t limit there, be it implementation, migration, upgrades, ongoing support, or maintenance. Our team of experts will make sure to help your business reach where you envision it to be. To know more about our services talk to our experts.

Our pay-as-you-use model is one with which you don’t have to commit yourself to a subscription cycle. Instead, you only pay when you need our help and for the time it takes. It is both pocket-friendly and business-friendly.

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