Dynamics 365 – Right choice for manufacturing

Dynamics 365 for manufacturing

Digital transformation may seem like a very Millennial term to describe the changes technology is bringing with time.

But, did you know the first instances of digital transformation sprouted in the 1940s? Since then technology has brought humans closer to finding solutions in the global landscape, slowly bridging the gap between business processes and customer experiences.

The 21st century is shining with new possibilities that this transformation has been offering. New technologies have been created and tested, while some made headlines for the long run, others faded away.

The digital transformation brought about efficiency and the power to stay at the top of the game for businesses. The manufacturing industry is a dimension where staying at the top of the food chain is very important. Manufacturers started seeing the great things they could achieve with digital transformation and were ready to step into a world that offered more. That is where ERP systems come into the picture. Manufacturing businesses depend on a solid business management solution that can support them with industry readiness.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is an ERP program that can balance business needs and customer experiences without toppling. Long before Dynamics 365 was introduced, Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX were particularly favored in the manufacturers’ circle. The multitude of tools, features, and advancements in processes turned out to be truly astounding in holding all types of manufacturing businesses up.

With Dynamics 365, manufacturers can streamline their processes with a whole new range of tools, letting their business explore and reach for more.

History recap on Digital transformation in the manufacturing industry

What brought the digital transformation era? Well, years ago data wasn’t as large as it is today, what we conveniently call big data. With big data comes the bigger need to analyze, bringing ML – Machine Learning to the picture (just like many other technological advancements).

You know how Industry 4.0 is surfing the ocean now, it oversees machines and devices round the clock and connects them to a single platform. This platform serves helpful in many ways, being powered by data analytics and ML, this platform helps in analyzing, learning, and deriving values from the data.

Digital transformation in the form of Industry 4.0 only increases efficiency and speed. Manufacturers are embracing the changes that digital transformation is bringing upon their industry, paving the way to success.

You’ve already read about ML and how it helps manufacturing businesses, how does AI facilitate them though? Data collection, managing operations, and forecasting have never been easier, AI is gaining attention with the way it increases transparency and opens communication barriers.

A lot of great technology that brings prosperity to your business is ideal, but with greatness comes the tedious task of juggling the said technologies and processing data.

So what could be the solution to that?

Business intelligence that understands your business needs and supports big-name technology all at the same time.

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Dynamics 365 – For all types of manufacturing

Imagine a place where all your important sales, marketing, and customer service applications are pooled together. Better communication across teams, no processes stay unnoticed in the pipeline, and enhanced customer relationships! Dynamics 365 is home to all this and more, with a set of tools and features that lend a helping hand to manufacturers, this ERP application is easily one of the most popular in today’s day and age.

The manufacturing industry has always been cautious about its processes more than anything else, but tending to the customer experience is vital to stay in the game and rise to the top. Dynamics 365 can help organizations achieve not just that, but make digital manufacturing tools more accessible, making it possible to create ‘small factories’.

Does Dynamics 365 limit only to certain types of manufacturing businesses? Absolutely not. It can help manufacturers of all types and multiply their productivity by folds.

Maximize-Productivity through Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 and how it maximizes productivity:

  1. The challenges of supply chain operations

The most important aspect of any manufacturing business is the supply chain. A strong supply chain operation entails all the business processes and leads way for the business to grow.

Advantages of D365 in manufacturing industry

ERP applications have been boosting supply chain management with the added advantage of several features. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 has been successful in optimizing supply chain management across the globe.

Here are some top advantages Dynamics 365 is home to:

  • Cross-platform visibility
  • Agile planning tools
  • Powerful analytical tools
  • Equipment efficiency through intelligent monitoring
  • Quicker recovery after breaks
  1. Zooming into manufacturing apparatus:

Manufacturing is made successful first and foremost with the right equipment, helping in gaining value for the business.

With the help of Dynamics 365, manufacturers can closely observe their equipment with the real-time feature, allowing an up-close view of performance and usage.

ERP systems have always helped companies reach the pinnacle of their success, but Dynamics 365 and its IoT facility can help your business climb further up the ladder, keeping equipment efficiency as a priority.

  1. More room for innovation

When you work on a group project, every person has a role and that helps your team stick to the time limit. But what if time is short and you need an exceptional idea that you do not have time to think about implementing? An extra hand could help, right?

Similarly, manufacturers often race against time to get products into the market. The run towards timelines sometimes results in a lack of innovation and the product has higher chances of ‘not’ making it.

Dynamics 365 can be the extra helping hand. It helps gain insights into business operations, shows what areas can be optimized, and cuts down on costs and unnecessary processes.

Now, with all these breakdowns that are being made by your ERP system, you and your team have enough time and space to brainstorm innovative ideas. Dynamics 365 can be your window to move ahead of your competitors in a breeze.

  1. Customers – The real bosses

Businesses move ahead successfully only if their customers are happy with the outcome and what it has to offer.

Digital transformation has made it possible for businesses to connect with their customers on personal levels and understand their needs. This has spiked expectations and businesses are working on keeping them up.

ERP systems help companies in storing customer data in one place and this makes finding information easier. Customers expect speed and agility and Dynamics 365 gives you both. This platform is known for the ‘what-if’ scenarios that it runs to predict the various outcomes (Dynamics 365 is like your own personal Dr. Strange, flipping through all the possibilities, showing you the ones that work.)

  1. Data, Business, and Insights

The manufacturing businesses seem to be thriving with input from IoT, enhancing their equipment and processes, paving the way to intelligent insights. Data usage is what propels businesses forward, but using the right data urges them in the right direction and ERP systems have played a huge role in providing firms with this direction.

Dynamics 365, the ERP system of today’s topic has AI capabilities that help manufacturers derive insights and make predictions. All their previous projects and outcomes add to the system’s learning curve, resulting in the most accurate predictions.

  1. How does Dynamics 365 affect your profit

One thing is for sure, your profit is going to skyrocket with all the improved processes and workflows. What brings in profitability though, is your loyal customer base.

With the combined effort of technological intelligence and advanced tools, manufacturing services only become more agile and customer-friendly.

Did you know about the Dynamics 365 apps for Manufacturing?

Dynamics 365 is home to two ERP apps that can hold up your manufacturing business. The size and notion of your business decide which one is for you.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 F&O)

Looking for an ERP system that suits the needs of medium to large organizations? D365 F&O is the perfect choice for you! D365 F&O is modeled close to the framework of Dynamics AX and has a wide range of businesses using it.

The manufacturing industry has been gaining a lot from the ERP solution with the industry-specific tool collection.

Here’s a list of tools that the D365 F&O manufacturing module supports:

  • Production control
  • Master planning
  • Material and capacity planning
  • Resource management
  • Job scheduling and sequencing
  • Product configuration
  • Shop floor management
  • Inventory management
  • Master planning
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-site warehouse management
  • Transportation management
  • Order promising
  • Distribution planning
  • Quality management
  • Direct and indirect procurement
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Vendor self-service portal

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is a cloud-based management solution that helps organizations to upgrade their ERP system to a single solution. This solution manages finances, operations, and customer service.

Business Central is modeled closely to the framework of Dynamics NAV. If you are thinking of an ERP solution that can leverage small to medium-sized businesses, then Business Central is the right stop for you.

Business Central also has a manufacturing module just like D365 F&O, here are some of its most prominent features:

  • Production orders
  • Version management
  • Agile manufacturing
  • Basic supply planning
  • Demand forecasting
  • Capacity planning
  • Machine centers
  • Finite loading

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How DemandDynamics can help you with

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Our team works in harmony with yours to bring out the best version of your organization. Our services range from helping you with implementation, migration, integration, ongoing support, and maintenance.

We assure you of a very business-friendly and cost-effective approach with our pay-as-you-use model. One of our experts can guide you more with any of your queries.

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