Dynamics 365 Sales – The perfect solution to boost Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales - The perfect solution to boost Sales

The Dynamics 365 Sales 2021 release wave 2 provides sellers with all the features they need to meet their sales targets.

Dynamics 365 Sales – what sellers need to close more deals.

Did you know that sales reps spend only 22 percent of their time selling? That’s because the tools they use are outdated. As the market evolves there is an increased need for tech tools that connect marketing and sales teams. Dynamics 365 is one such powerhouse tool that helps with intelligent prospecting and personalized messaging and ultimately gives sellers the ability to focus on their core job—selling.

The Dynamics 365 Sales 2021 release wave 2 provides sellers with all the features they need to meet their sales targets. Dynamics 365 offers informed targeting, actionable insights, better customer engagement, and collaboration capabilities.

Features of Dynamics 365 Sales

According to Microsoft’s latest update, the enhancement features focus on three key areas:

  • Conversational intelligence
  • Collaboration
  • Personal productivity

Better selling starts with conversational intelligence.

Responding to buyer signals is a must to win deals. Understanding and capitalizing on buyer intent during or before a sales call are the biggest struggles that sales teams in every organization face. Missing a critical trigger can now be a thing of the past with Dynamics 365’s latest features. The software summarizes the call history, action items, and other vital details. Dynamic 365 automatically transcribes calls and lets sellers focus on the conversation rather than frantically make notes. Additionally, business-critical insights are recorded and highlighted. With Dynamics 365, sellers can close more deals and build a healthy and agile sales pipeline.

Collaboration across teams and applications

A hybrid work environment calls for close collaboration across departments and applications. Data is usually stored in multiple systems as people use various applications such as Microsoft Teams, CRM, and work management tools to collect and collate information. Selling, therefore, becomes a non-linear process and often gets messy. The Context IQ feature introduces a new set of capabilities for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. It helps people across teams to view the information in context with the task at hand and paves the way for better collaboration across internal teams.

Improved productivity

Dynamics 365 enables sellers to improve their performance and focus on closing deals instead of recording and updating data. Work items are prioritized based on artificial intelligence so sellers know the next steps. And contact information is not lost because the system gathers it from Outlook emails eliminating a time-consuming search. In sum, its tools cut short the time spent on manually updating contact data.

Dashboards, filters, and reports

Information-rich dashboards provide actionable data on sales opportunities, open leads, and a sales pipeline overview. The visual and global filters enable users to quickly locate the information they want. The sales pipeline chart enables sales reps and sales managers to visualize the revenue for an opportunity based on the stage of the business process flow.

As we all know, data-driven sales teams perform much better and have higher win rates. Dynamics 365 Sales is the software sellers need to improve performance, increase productivity, and exceed sales targets.

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