Dynamics GP roadmap – all you need to know

Dynamics GP roadmap

Microsoft Dynamics GP is more than just your average business management and reporting tool. It is a comprehensive ERP solution that helps your people and your organization reach their full potential. It has been carefully designed for ease of use and rapid setup, so you can be up and running quickly.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, everyone in your team can access and work with business information effortlessly. Plus, it is constantly updated with innovative features that will keep your business ahead of the game.

Although Microsoft is heavily invested in the cloud, the future of Dynamics GP still holds great promise. As indicated in Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle overview, you will be delighted to know that GP support will persist, accompanied by regular updates and fixes. In fact, you can expect to receive three updates per year for many years to come.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics GP Modern Lifecycle?

In October 2019, Microsoft updated its roadmap stretching beyond 2028 and moved significantly by transitioning GP to its Modern Lifecycle Policy. What does this mean for GP users? Well, it means you can expect ongoing support that includes fixes, feature updates, and tax updates. The best part? You will receive updates three times a year, and you only need to take one update annually to stay up-to-date. This modern lifecycle approach does away with the concept of version years that existed in previous versions. Unlike the fixed lifecycle model, which had an expiration date for product support, the modern lifecycle keeps things rolling smoothly.

Dynamics GP’s roadmap to 2028 and beyond

Product Mainstream Support Extended Support
GP 2013 & GP 2013 R2 Ended April 4, 2018 Ends April 11, 2023
GP 2015 & GP 2015 R2 Ended April 14, 2020 Ends April 8, 2025
GP 2016 & GP 2016 R2 Ended July 13, 2021 Ends July 14, 2026
GP 2018 & GP 2018 R2 Ends January 10, 2023 Ends January 11, 2028

Dynamics GP 18.5 (Dynamics Great Plains in 2023)

GP 18.5 introduces several technical changes and improvements. Here are some of the user-requested features to enhance the user experience and provide greater flexibility in managing your Dynamics GP configuration.

1. Improved cash receipts:

  • You can now easily print or email receipts to customers.
  • Make sure to remove inactive customer records to improve performance.

2. Simultaneously print and email purchase order documents:

  • When sending documents via email, you can choose to print a copy or only email certain documents.

3. Enhanced account category lookup and search:

  • You can now search and find account categories more easily.
  • You have the option to view all categories or search by category description.

As for the Dynamics GP versions released before 18.2, Microsoft follows the Fixed Lifecycle policy, ensuring a 10-year support period. This includes 5 years of Mainstream support and an additional 5 years of Extended support.

Why should you stay on Dynamics GP?

  • Visibility—Debits and credits: In Dynamics GP, you have a clear view of debits and credits on your screen, showing all the transactions and GL distributions. It provides a holistic and transparent display.
  • Advanced automation: Regarding advanced automation, things level out across different ERP applications. The real power lies in integrating top-notch third-party cloud applications and portals. And guess what? These applications work seamlessly regardless of whether you choose Dynamics GP or another system. It automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and you can access everything remotely. So, when it comes to advanced automation, you do not need to search for third-party alternatives or workaround.
  • Architecture, ecosystems, and add-ons: GP is built with a robust Chart of Accounts and account strings that lay the foundation of a well-structured, easy-to-navigate user interface. In addition, Dynamics GP has a thriving community of embedded and third-party add-on applications specifically designed to cater to different industries and business processes.
  • Upgrades—stability vs. innovation: Though Dynamics 365 GP’s Modern Lifecycle delivers updates three times a year, you only need to update once a year. You also have the flexibility to delay those upgrades to maintain stability. This allows you to stick with a familiar, proven process, and avoid disruptions to your users and business processes.
  • Dynamics GP’s smart lists and management reporter: In Dynamics GP, these powerful tools come bundled at no additional cost. They’re the go-to applications for your daily operations and analysis.
  • GP cloud hosting: If your on-premise infrastructure is aging and your monitoring and cybersecurity costs are skyrocketing, this option could be worth considering. It’s like getting a VIP pass to a third-party data center where users can access the Dynamics GP client app through Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. The same approach supports hybrid work from home and remote offices.

What’s next?

Ensure you are well-informed about your licensing terms and take note of the expiration dates. It is important to update to the 2018 version by 2026 and transition to the Modern Lifecycle by 2028. With attention to these deadlines, you can seamlessly continue adding users and receiving updates.

Familiarize yourself with Microsoft’s procedures for phasing out products. They have a standard process that involves gradually reducing support and updates for older products. At the same time, they encourage customers to migrate to newer products that offer enhanced features and capabilities. Understanding these procedures will enable you to make informed decisions and smoothly navigate any necessary product transitions. Though staying on GP is a comfortable choice for SMEs, embracing the cloud offers significant advantages, such as scalability, flexibility, accessibility, and enhanced security. It empowers your business with the latest tech advancements, seamless integrations, and the ability to stay competitive in the digital landscape.

Whether you stay on Dynamics GP or switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central, certified experts at DemandDynamics help you navigate the complexities smoothly and make informed decisions according to your unique business requirements. Talk to us to learn more about Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central services.

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