Dynamics GP to Business Central – Moving to the cloud

Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central - Moving to the cloud

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been serving businesses throughout the world for years, but with the new age comes the necessity of advanced technology.

The 21st century has seen plentiful changes and improvements, not just in the way the human race has evolved but also in how technology has touched horizons with artificial intelligence. Businesses in today’s era only make it to the top if they are backed up by powerful resources and cloud security.

Scalability, stability, and the overall business game are ruled by moving to the Cloud.

Is your business still treading on Microsoft Dynamics GP without migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central? Here’s why you should make your move today and make your business future-ready.

Although Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the most used ERP systems globally, Microsoft is slowly but surely urging its users to move to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Why should you Migrate to Cloud

Why Cloud over on-premise?

Reasons why Microsoft and other tech giants urge their customers to move to the Cloud.

  1. Migrating to Cloud solutions saves more money when it comes to production costs. On-premise solutions are comparatively higher in price.
  2. The security aspect of Cloud solution with safe hosting and improved data security is way better than its counterpart.
  3. Better accessibility than ever with Business Central’s flexibility of viewing data from anywhere, anytime.
  4. Companies tend to use technology that can adapt to their business needs and size as they grow, and cloud solutions can help achieve this easily.
  5. Device compatibility is a problem on-premise hosting often faces. Cloud solutions are compatible and easy to connect with any platform or OS.

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP initially started as an administrative system for the US market. Today, it helps businesses with their back-end operations as an ERP program. Business Intelligence, warehouse management, and inventory management are a few of the many things with which Microsoft Dynamics GP can help organizations. Microsoft Dynamics GP is usually used by slightly large organizations, especially distribution companies.

Microsoft Dynamics GP disadvantages to keep in mind

  • During licensing and hosting, Microsoft Dynamics GP users need to pay for the maintenance of infrastructure, which becomes an overbearing expense for the business.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP does not have a consistent platform to access add-ons. Newer offers are only meant for the Microsoft 365 platforms.
  • Considering integrations with platforms like Power BI, CRMs can be very time-consuming.

What is Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based business management solution and enables comprehensive solutions. Business Central is known for elevating companies to streamline their processes while improving customer relationships on the go.

Business Central helps bring connectivity throughout the entire business, leading to a much more efficient environment. Automation of tasks and workflows helps teams focus on more important work.

Getting a complete view, or rather a 360-degree view would make collecting insights a lot easier. Business Central helps organizations achieve that with its flexible platform, allowing businesses to reach above and beyond their goals, prioritizing business needs.

Features of Business Central

Significant Features of Business Central

  1. Business Central & Power BI integration – The duo emerged as a joint venture to increase accuracy and timely data analyses. Power BI appears in the Business Central platform, so there isn’t a need to leave the application or switch tabs to get insights. With Business Central comes the advantage of customizations. Users have the space to customize dashboards to suit their needs and roles.
  2. Built-in intelligence – Business Central adds value to businesses with the built-in AI feature that helps save a ton of time and manual effort.
  3. Outlook and Business Central – Toggling between emails and business activities can become quite frustrating. Business Central and outlook’s integration allows you to eradicate this trouble as you wouldn’t have to switch between your email inbox and business activities.
  4. Home screens for user roles – Role centers or home screens help users get instant access to KPIs, navigation menus, and quick-action buttons when they log into Business Central.
  5. Pick favorites – Business Central allows users to pick and tag favorite accounts and helps quickly access them, and in addition, there is also a keyword search tool for direct navigation.

A migration partner to steer you forward

Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central can be the ideal milestone to give your business the advantage of cutting-edge technology and security for the future. For a hassle-free migration process from GP to Business Central, you need assistance from a trusted Microsoft partner. Migration partners can help you check all the boxes and avoid any mistakes that will later cause problems to the platform, affecting your business processes as well.

Get yourself a migration partner to help you move at a faster pace and with certainty.

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