Microsoft Dynamics Implementation and Support Debunking the Myths and Facts

Dynamics Implementation and Support: Myths and Facts

Are you planning to upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform but need help with how to proceed? Are you hesitant due to the myths surrounding Microsoft implementation and support that seem overwhelming but keep these misconceptions from preventing you from taking advantage of a sophisticated solution critical for success in today’s market?

In this blog post, we will reveal the facts about Microsoft implementations and support to help you learn why opting for Microsoft’s reliable and feature-rich solutions may be your key competitive advantage.

Myth #1: Microsoft Implementation and Support is expensive

Fact: Microsoft Implementation and Support can be affordable

The cost of implementing Microsoft Dynamics depends on many factors, such as company size, industry, and geographic location. However, when you consider the total cost of ownership (TCO), which includes license fees, hardware costs, maintenance fees, training costs, etc., Microsoft Dynamics is often more cost-effective than other ERP solutions on the market.

DemandDynamics has performed numerous business migrations and integrations for companies globally, helping them to create an impact across the entire organization with our On-Demand services. In this unique Pay-As-You-Use model, you only pay for the services used with zero commitments.

We create customized solutions tailored to your specific needs from a platform that is reliable enough to handle all the business needs so you can focus on doing what you do best—helping people make better financial decisions.

Myth #2: The Dynamics 365 platform does not support customization

Fact: Dynamics 365 offers a wide range of features and customizations that can be tailored to suit your business processes.

The platform is highly extensible, allowing you to integrate it with a suite of other apps and services, making it possible to extend its core capabilities. Additionally, through built-in tools such as Microsoft Power Platform, you can create custom applications, data visualizations, and reports using your existing data. This makes it easier for you to quickly customize the platform without writing new code or drastically altering any existing codebase.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 allows you to leverage a wide range of third-party integrations and services that provide additional functionality and make it easier to tailor the platform according to your specific needs. A great example of this is Power Apps which enables users to build no-code app solutions from their existing Dynamics 365 data with minimal effort. Moreover, with the ability to use out-of-the-box workflows, you can streamline tasks such as approvals and notifications for improved efficiency in everyday operations.

Myth #3: Microsoft Implementation and Support takes a long time to implement.

Fact: With the right partner, Microsoft Implementation and Support can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Leverage Microsoft expertise to maximize the value of your Dynamics 365 experience, from helpdesk support, training, and technical consultancy. Get back online quickly with reduced downtime and increased platform knowledge for a truly optimized solution.

For instance, Our BC Quickstart implementation is a favorite among our clients.

Quickstart implementation from DemandDynamics is a robust solution that can be implemented within four to six weeks. QuickStart implementation takes 120 hours (100 hours of implementation + 20 hours of training). The setup is seamless, and it creates a perfect instance of Business Central software. Trained individuals are assigned to help businesses operate the ERP application.

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Myth #4: Microsoft Support Services implemented by partners are haphazard and complicated.

Fact: DemandDynamics is a certified D365 Implementation partner, offering comprehensive, 24/7 support for existing Microsoft Dynamics solutions and integrated technology. Our team of industry experts can help provide the expertise and resources required to quickly identify the underlying issues, prioritize them based on the severity scale, and deliver relevant support to keep business operations running smoothly. Whether it’s a low-level bug fix or a major system malfunction, each customer is given an SLA that allows them to know precisely when they should expect an answer to their inquiry.

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