Microsoft Dynamics Implementation and Support Debunking the Myths and Facts

Dynamics Implementation and Support: Myths and Facts

Are you planning to upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform but need help with how to proceed? Don’t let overwhelming myths about Microsoft implementation and support hinder your success in today’s market. Embrace a sophisticated Dynamics 365 solution critical for your business’s growth.

Discover the facts about Microsoft Dynamics implementations and support in this blog post. Gain a competitive advantage with reliable and feature-rich solutions.

Myth #1: Microsoft Implementation and Support is expensive

Fact: Microsoft Implementation and Support can be affordable

The cost of implementing Microsoft Dynamics depends on many factors, such as company size, industry, and geographic location. Consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) when comparing ERP solutions. Microsoft Dynamics offers cost-effective benefits, including license fees, hardware costs, maintenance fees, and training expenses.

Globally, DemandDynamics performs business migrations and integrations, making a significant impact across organizations with our On-Demand services. In this unique Pay-As-You-Use model, you only pay for the services used with zero commitments.

We provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Rely on our robust platform to handle your business requirements, allowing you to focus on guiding people towards better financial decisions.

Myth #2: The Dynamics 365 platform does not support customization

Fact: It is possible to customize Dynamics 365 to suit your business processes with its wide range of features.

Enhance the Dynamics 365 platform with third-party integrations and services, tailored to your needs. Leverage the simplicity of Power Apps to build no-code app solutions using your existing Dynamics 365 data.

Myth #3: Microsoft Implementation and Support takes a long time to implement.

Fact: You can efficiently deploy Microsoft Implementation and Support with the right partner.

Leverage Microsoft expertise to maximize the value of your Dynamics 365 experience, from helpdesk support, training, and technical consultancy. Get back online quickly with reduced downtime and increased platform knowledge for a truly optimized solution.

For instance, Our BC Quickstart implementation is a favorite among our clients.

Implement the robust Quickstart solution from DemandDynamics within four to six weeks. QuickStart implementation takes 120 hours (100 hours of implementation + 20 hours of training). The setup is seamless, and it creates a perfect instance of Business Central software. Trained individuals are then assigned to help businesses leverage the ERP application.

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Myth #4: Microsoft Support Services implemented by partners are haphazard and complicated.

Fact: DemandDynamics is a certified D365 Implementation partner, offering comprehensive, 24/7 support for existing Microsoft Dynamics solutions and integrated technology. Trust our industry experts to swiftly identify and prioritize issues, delivering relevant support to keep your business running smoothly. With an SLA in place, you’ll know when to expect answers to your inquiries, ensuring efficient bug fixes and system maintenance.

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