Fine-tune Sales with new features from the Dynamics 365 Sales 2022 Release Wave 1

Dynamics 365 Sales 2022 Release Wave 1

Sales teams are central to companies when it comes to growing the customer base, especially in a constantly fluctuating market.

However, despite their concerted efforts to bring the best outcomes for the customers and their organizations, there are shortcomings. For example, a lack of proper lead management, low business agility, time consumed on targeting prospects, and communication disarray. These issues are quickly resolved with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Sales implementation.

With Dynamics 365 Sales, organizations can build strong and trustworthy relationships with customers, make insight-based decisions, and close deals faster. Dynamics 365 Sales is a comprehensive solution that industry-agnostic sales teams are looking for. In the Dynamics 365 Sales 2022 release wave 1, Microsoft focuses on the issue above by creating a better seller experience with a boost in collaborative tools and intelligence capabilities.

What does the Dynamics 365 Sales 2022 release wave 1 aim to achieve?

  1. Faster data usage by sellers to save time
  2. Quality and productivity for customers
  3. Improve the sales team’s overall experience:
    • Intelligence that guides sellers
    • Easier ways to collaborate
    • More productivity tools

Intelligence to guide sellers

A seller’s life would be much simpler if there were tools to easily connect them with the right customers who were primed to purchase their product or service. Timed saved could potentially be put into other priority tasks. This release wave brims with updates that can guide a seller to the right customers and initiate interactions that can seal the deal.

Predictive analysis and automation: The Sales accelerator is one that sellers most enjoy. The release wave brings new automation features that enable sellers to work in a unified workspace to close more deals.

What are the new capabilities?

  • Strengthened worklist features that support work priorities
  • AI-based models that help improve data quality
  • Activity management and sequence templates

What do these features help businesses achieve?

New features fine-tune and prioritize work to help connect sellers to the right audience. In addition, the new features assist sellers to consistently execute customer journeys and choose an engagement plan that suits the customers.

Conversation Intelligence: Real-time business insights empower sellers to perform better with the 2022 release wave 1. With the right kind of insights at the correct times, sellers can keep track of each customer interaction through calls and messages. In addition, they can monitor how each seller’s performance contributes to their outcomes.

Note: These features will be available in September 2022 (Currently, they are in the preview stage.)

Pipeline scoring: This feature enables sellers to monitor the sales stages, the time it takes for the deals to move forward, and any pipeline bottlenecks. This predictive feature helps them plan their next move to take deals forward.

Forecasting Enrichment: This feature allows sellers to instantly predict revenue forecasts, access sales projects, and streamline forecasting workflows. It also allows sales teams to allocate much-needed time to their customers.

Easier ways to collaborate

Connectivity is critical if a sale needs to go through CRMs, emails, or messages. The sales team needs a communication tool to make their jobs easier. The 2022 release wave 1 makes connecting Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Teams possible for easier collaborative efforts.

Connected teams: Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales are now connected and help improve the productivity of meetings. The sales team can also utilize the team interface to take notes and access and edit records.

Note: This feature will be available from September 2022.

Teams chat in Dynamics 365 Sales: The embedded chat feature allows sales teams to stay in their CRM workflow while collaborating with stakeholders. This feature makes sure that the context of workflow remains intact.

Ample increment of productivity tools

Sales automation was not a part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales deal. This release wave brings sales automation to life, which helps improve overall sales productivity.

A solution to hidden accounts: Sellers can go through their network based on Dynamics 365 Sales and Exchange interactions to discover hidden client accounts to accelerate opportunities. This feature is achieved through predictive relationship intelligence.

Day-to-day sales activities made simple: The built-in Sales Hub app helps sales teams with an ideal selling experience. Everyday sales activities are simplified with Sales Hub, which collates information in one place and allows sellers to prioritize tasks that require more attention.

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