How to prepare your team for an ERP Implementation

How to prepare your team for an ERP Implementation

ERP software is a source of many benefits that manages and integrates business processes end-to-end.

Not only does ERP add resilience to your business, but it also provides insights to strengthen operations for tomorrow’s challenges in the digital market.

However, ERP  implementation processes usually take several months to complete and require financial and technical resources. For a successful ERP implementation project, preparation in advance is key to smooth processing once the new ERP software goes live. Taking the initiative to follow these steps will help you settle in and adjust to the changes more systematically.

Here are the steps to prepare your team for an ERP implementation

  • Circle out the prime necessities

ERP systems are engineered to provide multiple solutions to issues that all the departments across the organization face. Identify what your business goals are and specific needs that require implementation. Circling out the particular challenges your organization faces will help make a well-defined implementation that benefits the organization.

  • Allocate a team

To keep track of the implementation process, document the proceedings, and track the advancements towards the implementation goal, keeping a separate team to take authority and carry out the project would be a prime factor in putting things in place and managing the implementation process efficiently.

  • Create a change management strategy

An ERP implementation naturally disrupts the old patterns in the company operations. While adapting to these sudden changes is not an easy process, you need to train your employees beforehand on the changes that the new ERP system would bring in and educate them about how it is aligned towards the company’s goals and objectives in its novel ways. After all, change is the only constant. Isn’t it?

  • Walk your team through the implementation process

A new ERP system means the onset of new software, technology, and navigation processes in your already existing system. Preempting these ahead of time and training your teams for the change will make you be more project ready and error-prone.

  • Bond with your implementation partner

ERP  implementation partners are specialized in organizing, customizing, and implementing the software according to the varied needs of a business. They know the market better and handle clients across every business sector. Choosing the right implementation partner who understands the core of your business and its specific requirements can spearhead a successful project.

  • What next? Make a Post-implementation Plan

Before your internal teams start to handle the post-go-live support, it is critical to know how to report issues to the vendor and keep an ongoing business bond with them. Before the ERP system goes live, have a clear picture of how you can deploy it with an adequate support strategy that should consistently be available. After the go-live support, the implementation partners should also quickly resolve user issues and prevent any disruption that is bound to happen in the workplace.

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DemandDynamics – On-Demand expertise

Your business deserves an implementation partner with experience and expertise, one that is willing to take the time to understand your, needs, goals, and system environment.

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