Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs HubSpot CRM – All You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs HubSpot CRM

Dynamics CRM vs HubSpot –Which would suit your business better?

Businesses thrive from customer interactions and the right kind of customer data storage. CRM software offers both and so much more to companies, and Dynamics CRM and HubSpot CRM have been two of the most trusted CRM software in use.

Dynamics CRM and HubSpot CRM both offer the basic features of a CRM, each of these has significant features that set them apart and a list of differences. Out of the two, Dynamics CRM has been the most sought after software.

Dynamics CRM – Flexible, customizable, insight-driven

The Dynamics CRM, a Microsoft product, provides solutions that uplift organizations as it helps them analyze the market, maintain good prospect relationships and build themselves with the help of modern technology and facilities.

This feature-rich CRM is widely used as it supports both cloud and on-premise installations.

Dynamics CRM’s top features:

  • Betterment of customer relationship
  • Improved sales with access to social data
  • Devises the best marketing plans
  • Best customer care
  • Social engagement insights on the go
  • Flexible

HubSpot CRM – Precise, efficient, strategic

HubSpot CRM is one of the best platforms that helps companies manages their contacts, sales, pipelines and lead nurture in a very straight forward manner. This CRM brings the sales and marketing teams together which in turn boosts sales and ROI as it provides inbound marketing strategies to keep generation more leads.

HubSpot’s best features are:

  • Appointment management and scheduling
  • Forecasting
  • Email templates and marketing
  • Activity tracking on interactive dashboards

Despite being one of the top CRM providers, these drawbacks are what makes customers concerned the most:

  • HubSpot’s free version offers minimal features, to get the best, businesses have had to spend well over $3200 per month which still limits them to a maximum of 10000 contacts.
  • They do not have a flexible contract (Early cancellations or refunds are not possible)

They provide templates, but are often difficult to use

Prominent differentiators Microsoft dynamics CRM vs HubSpot

S.No Dynamics CRM HubSpot CRM
Inbound and outbound sales & marketing Well-versed in B2B and outbound Sales and marketing techniques. HubSpot is notable for its inbound sales and marketing strategies, namely content-driven marketing.
Deployment Supports Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment models, which assure businesses of flexibility and relevant capabilities. The HubSpot CRM has a cloud-only deployment which results in efficiency and capabilities.
Business size Mid-large-sized businesses can draw more significant benefits from this CRM. Smaller businesses can use this CRM with a free sampling version, although it curtails some functionalities.
Features ·       Integration with Microsoft products

·       Feature-rich modules for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Management

·       Community building

·       Online and offline access

·       Quick user adoption

·       Customizable dashboard

·       Task management

·       Email marketing

·       Gmail and Outlook integrations

·       Single source of information

·       Built-in analytics

·       ROI analytics

Implementation time 8 – 12 weeks 12 weeks


Updates Updates happen twice a year for cloud-based solutions and annually for on-premise solutions. Updates occur once every month
Integration Businesses can integrate dynamics CRM with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Power BI, OneDrive, and more. HubSpot CRM has HubSpot connect, which comprises numerous integrations.

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