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When you are using a mature SaaS product like Microsoft Dynamics 365, the need for a full-time vendor or a strong in-house development team is very significant, but not constant. You may think you can manage with a lean support team, but the demands suddenly escalate during implementation phase, immediate post-implementation support, request for third-party integrations, call for workflow automations, etc.

That is why our On Demand engagement model is favored by our customers. We’re ready to assist you at any time, deliver our Microsoft Dynamics services On Demand services when needed, and bill you only for hours consumed.


How We Work

We lead your Digital Transformation strategy by optimizing your Microsoft needs and enhancing your productivity through our continuous engagement and on demand execution of Dynamics 365 Consulting Services.
  • We Understand your business strategy, goals, pain points & revenue drivers
  • We Connect your systems and processes to achieve your goals
  • We Innovate by identifying new opportunities


  • Analyze and assess existing Microsoft instance
  • Identify implementation gaps Identify customization and integration opportunities Adopt best practices Build roadmap
  • Prioritize tasks and implement


  • Track your progress
  • Measure the value
  • Be future ready



Benefits of On Demand Services

When you engage our On Demand Services for Microsoft Dynamics, you are engaging an entire pool of scalable, certified resources that seamlessly fill your skill gap and demand gap.

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