Revolutionize Decision-Making via Power BI integration with Dynamics Finance and Operation

Microsoft is right at the forefront of the intelligence frontier in analyzing and understanding data to power its apps.

Today, data influences our decision-making in a major way. Be it a corporate boardroom decision or selecting a product online when personal shopping, data has become an integral component of our daily life. Data is continuously influencing our decisions to help us become more efficient, intelligent, productive, economical and profitable. Microsoft is right at the forefront of the intelligence frontier in analyzing and understanding data to power its apps. Data-driven tools and platforms like Dynamics Finance and Operations (F&O) now come with embedded Business Intelligence to help you generate valuable insights out of your data sets. With its drill-down navigation feature, you can track your segmented finances and operations with live visibility to easily assist management. The Business Intelligence integration in Finance and Operation (F&O) enables you to analyze situations and devise practical decisions without thinking twice.

Business Intelligence can now be accessed without moving out of the Dynamics 365 F&O interface. This integration lets the user create and explore data insights with visual analytics right from the F&O application. Along with visual data representation tools, the application also consists of other third-party data service integrations that combine clickstream analysis of product recommendations and website forecasting with existing Sales Data.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of integrating Business Intelligence with Finance and Operations:

  1. Page drill-down:

The integration of Business Intelligence with F&O targets the pressing features of a page by using a visual tool to represent the data in an interactive format.

  1. Easy filter options:

With the help of Power Business Intelligence, filtering objects from lists is easier than ever before. Depending on the actions and choices of the user, Power BI filters out the data and automatically reflects the desirable objects from the list.

  1. Power BI license:

Power BI’s license is now bundled with the F&O application. This way, your customers are no longer required to pay extra to access Power BI services.

  1. Power BI workspace within the application:

The Business Intelligence integration in Finance and Operation (F&O) provides workspace for Power BI within the application to help users create reports directly from the application and to provide useful navigation to your customers.

  1. Access to Power BI reports using menu items:

Now the F&O application provides access to reports by extending the same concepts to the workspace. Extending workspace or adding new workspace can be easily accomplished by adding a Power BI driven overview page.

Making decisions faster and better through Power BI integration with Finance and Operations:

Power BI integration in Finance and Operation (F&O) does not just provide visual insights and details over the data reports, but also enables you to customize the report to your convenience. Additionally, you can restrict access to data and reports for specific users, thereby giving your data an extra layer of protection. Without a doubt, this BI integration in Finance and Operation (F&O) will empower your team to make quick and smart business decisions derived from data.

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