Steps to fix a failing Microsoft Dynamics 365

fix a failing Microsoft Dynamics 365

How Can a failing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation be fixed?

A failing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation can cause numerous hurdles such as cease of production, not being able to achieve the desired ROI, and exceeding the budget; these can bring a business to a standstill.

Can a failing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation be fixed? How can the fix be made?

D365 implementation is one of the most sought-after software for businesses to organize and optimize customer relationships, yet, there are instances when it fails to give a company the expected outcome.

Signs of a failing ERP implementation

Failing ERP implementations give out warning signs before any severe damage happens. When the implementation team monitors the signs appropriately, damage control and implementation fixing become relatively easy.

  • The implementation is over budget and frequently is behind on schedules.
  • The current implementation does not seem organized, and the business is not showing significant improvement.
  • The role assignment is poor, which makes it challenging to identify who is in charge.
  • Getting an ERP implementation before knowing what the business requires and the future goals.
  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 system integrator does not pick up on errors like repeated change orders or budget overruns.
  • Employees do not have any training or communication about the implemented software.

These signs indicate the beginning of an ERP implementation that can fall apart.

Fix a Failing Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to Fix a Failing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation?

  1. Assessment – The initial step is to determine which business departments are affected by the failing ERP and identify the critical performance measures.
  2. Develop solutions – There are two solutions to look into while developing possible fixes – ‘Quick fix’ and ‘long-term’ solutions. Determine the cost and time required to make that fix before moving on to the next step.
  3. Prioritize solutions – Problem and solution combinations need to be prioritized, and one must identify a minimum of 5 – 10 areas of immediate business impact.
  4. Implementation – Start with the identified solutions, especially those that contribute to quick fixes.
  5. Long-term solutions – After implementing the quick-fix solutions, the long-term and more permanent fixes happen while keeping available resources and time in mind.

Following these steps can help businesses realize implementation success for a failing ERP.

Steps to ensure successful Dynamics 365 Implementation

What should a company do to ensure that its initial implementation does not fail? The business world adheres to four staple steps to make this a reality.

  1. Strategic plan:

Organizations can be cluttered if proper plans are not in place to govern and manage the employees. Similarly, implementation also depends on a well-put-together method. Dynamics 365, being a cloud-based application, make updates happen automatically and continuously. Therefore, strategic plans can help avoid undesirable scenarios from occurring.

  1. Systems and tools analysis:

It is pervasive that implementations go downhill due to outdated systems, partially integrated tools, and in-house programs built with extinct programming languages. Therefore, to avoid discrepancies, it is crucial to assess the existing systems and tools and plan an upgrade if anything is outdated before following up with the implementation.

  1. Scrutinize functionalities:

Before adding more features to the ERP, it is good to revisit the existing ones and check if recent updates from Microsoft already fulfill the requirement. Then, the company can customize the solution to meet industry standards and align more with business goals.

  1. Manage the implementation:

An implementation must have a qualified team and a suitable leader to spearhead the project in the right direction; this is where implementation partners play an essential role. Implementation partners manage the entire process with the help of an efficient leader and a team of well-equipped experts in the domain.

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