The Perfect Business Central implementation in 120 hours

QuickStart Business Central implementation

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a leading cloud-based software in the ERP market that allows companies to control their cash flow while keeping costs minimal. Its numerous features for end-to-end business management enable businesses to increase profitability and drive efficiency.

Organizations constantly seek solutions that best serve their business and help achieve long-term goals faster. However, the traditional Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation takes six to ten months, and companies find this time-consuming and inconvenient. What if there is a way to achieve quick implementation with one of the best Microsoft partners?

Quickstart BC implementation from DemandDynamics devises a solution where implementation can happen within 4 to 6 weeks.

What is QuickStart Business Central implementation?

Suppose you want a swift transition from your current ERP system to Dynamics 365 Business Central; it is best to opt for a QuickStart package carefully designed for companies opting for faster and error-free Business Central migration. While your internal teams may have the expertise and knowledge to perform the required steps, an experienced Microsoft partner like DemandDynamics can help you leverage BC faster.

QuickStart BC implementation takes 120 hours (100 hours of performance + 20 hours of training). The setup is seamless and results in setting up the perfect Business Central software. Trained individuals are assigned to help businesses operate the ERP application efficiently.

Why should you choose Quickstart implementation?

Transitions from old systems to new, cloud-based environments are vital for business growth. However, inefficient time management, business downtime, and extra manual effort are reasons businesses think twice about a new ERP implementation. QuickStart BC implementation allows organizations to adopt a new ERP system quickly.

Advanced inclusions of the Quickstart Business Central implementation

  1. Predefined standard features allow you to experience zero operational downtime.
  2. Core financial management capabilities such as banking and general ledgers.
  3. Accounts payable and receivable are segregated transparently.
  4. Base application OOB (Out-of-the-Box) reporting of finances.
  5. Twenty hours of training after the application is configured.

Benefits of QuickStart Business Central implementation

  • Avoid complications that occur in standard business processes.
  • Save time by utilizing pre-defined data migration packages and standard templates.
  • User adoption is quick and efficient.
  • Helps stabilize business ROI.
  • Incorporates Microsoft best practices.

Steps to accelerated Business Central implementation

  1. Subject matter experts help discover and analyze the existing ERP and identify functionality gaps.
  2. Devise a detailed project plan that includes the beginning and ending dates of the implementation process.
  3. Process re-engineering (if required) will lead to the conversion of “As is” documents to “To be” documents.
  4. Data entries, display formats, and relevant reports are streamlined during the configuration of ERP customizations.
  5. Migrate software development and data from the previous ERP system.
  6. Subject matter experts train employees about high-level documentation and other significant changes post-transition.
  7. Test the application (pilot and user acceptance).
  8. Apply ongoing support to resolve any hurdles after going live.

Rapid Business Central implementation with DemandDynamics

QuickStart BC implementation might be the perfect solution to your business aspirations as it helps you achieve goals faster. Microsoft experts at DemandDynamics specialize in rapid implementation services, and we provide tailored solutions that suit your specific business needs. Our team finds the best ways to facilitate clients with cost-efficient expertise within short and convenient timeframes. We specialize in on-demand services such as implementation, migration, maintenance, support, and upgrades. With our On Demand services model, you can get assistance whenever you want and only pay for services used. It breaks the traditional subscription model and promotes zero commitment and cost efficiency.

Reach out to one of our experts for more information about QuickStart Business Central implementation.

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