Top 5 Reasons to Use Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare

Dynamics CRM in Healthcare

Microsoft has shared innovation to pursue some of the best practices for delivering modern patient experiences and care.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Help the Healthcare Industry?

With the evolution of technology and healthcare facilities’ transformation, the healthcare industry is increasingly automating processes to enhance patient experiences and value-based care. Healthcare now is progressively more driven by value. Under this, the entire ecosystem of technology ultimately needs to become patient-centric.

Whether it is traveling to the ER or seeing a family practice doctor, a recent survey has revealed that 93% of patients need timely access to their medical history. 71 % of patients have indicated that they expect healthcare specialists to provide care through a mutually-agreed digital channel of communication about all the information on decisions about the treatment. Hence, having real-time access to patient data can help you identify appropriate times to provide proper care and support to patients between appointments to drive better health outcomes.

Microsoft is a well-known brand that has a massive footprint in enhancing organizations’ business across the industry. For Healthcare, Microsoft has shared innovation to pursue some of the best practices for delivering modern patient experiences and care.

By leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, a feature-rich software system, you can achieve it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution that can work great for the healthcare industry. Dynamics 365 in Healthcare can offer a breakdown of internal systems and database relationships in addition to a 360-degree view of the patient for you to provide personalized service for your patients.

The benefits that dynamics can provide you are abundant. With Dynamics 365 in your healthcare organization, you will manage patients and staff with easy access to the information in a highly secure and controlled environment. It enables you to acquire real-time data performance metrics to improve performance, using any device at any time of day.

However, here is a list of our favorite and top reasons that proves why a Healthcare organization must choose the Dynamics 365 platform to provide outstanding care and patient experience.

Dynamics CRM for Healthcare

5 Reasons to Use Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare

Effortlessly manage all your facilities at multiple locations.

Almost every organization has a lot of facilities at multiple locations. Managing the complexity around all these facilities is heavy. You have to worry about the number of users, permissions, coding the right transaction to the right facility, reporting by facility, and location. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you the flexibility to easily manage every facility and location with the centralized system through which you will access all the information using any device.

Manage your purchase and inventory

Every healthcare organization needs good controls and visibility to purchase commitments to manage on-hand inventory or thousands of different individual inventory items.

Microsoft Dynamics offers an inventory management system that can help you easily manage your on-hand inventory with instant visibility to requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, great purchasing controls that provide seamless and easy approvals via mobile devices tablets. Dynamics support the automated processing of documents to eliminate redundancy and additional data entry.

Dynamics 365 offers a strong integration platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a strong and reliable integration platform that seamlessly integrates and automates virtually anything in a healthcare organization. Microsoft Dynamics integration engine enables you to create integration seamlessly with your clinical solution, payroll provider, bank provider, or almost any other aspect of your system. When you create these integrations, they’re seamless, real-time, and reliable.

Cloud and on-premise deployment options

There is a buzz about cloud deployment for software as a service (SaaS) hosted in the cloud or installed on your server in today’s digital world. Microsoft cloud deployments provide a cloud service that is easy to scale up or down as needed, and data centers fully managed by Microsoft. Be it cloud or on-premise, Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform lets you handle both. You can choose a solution that gives you multiple deployment options and have control over investments.

Reporting and Business Intelligence 

Data is imperative for healthcare organizations. But, when you need information, you know that the required data is there; however, it wouldn’t be easy to access since the data is huge. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can solve this entire problem. To understand and derive insights out of the data, you should be able to get flexible and reliable reporting that has all the necessary information such as the name of the care provider, by service, or by location. Dynamics 365 provides reports in the way you want with the power of Business Intelligence and metrics visible anywhere on any tablet or device.

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for your healthcare organization

Managing all the facilities, having proper access to patient and staff information, real-time reporting, and insights can help you provide personalized and quality care to your patients. This can help you gain loyalty from your patients and also a competitive advantage around other healthcare providers.

These do sound great but, attaining all these is not an easy task. It requires an effective, flexible, and reliable solution to power up with all the capabilities that you need to provide better care and experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform can be that solution.

Dynamics 365 provides centralized data storage and access that can allow you to leverage cross-functional metrics to balance performance across your departments and understand each other’s impact on the key business areas. The centralized system, real-time reporting, and insights can help you achieve all the key essentials that you need to provide value-based care and a great patient experience while cutting costs on technological investments.

All of these are just a few of what Microsoft Dynamics is capable of bringing to your Healthcare organization. Microsoft Dynamics is not just a CRM and ERP solution, with its many innovative solutions, organizations can transform how they deliver service.

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