Top eight game-changing features in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Wave 2 2022 release

Features of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft’s 2022 Wave 2 Release brings some incredible features to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Take advantage of these updates and make the necessary changes in your business operations to stay ahead of this new normal. This blog summarizes several key elements within this release, which will significantly benefit any organization.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Agent experiences in Dynamics 365 Customer Service refer to the various tools and capabilities available to customer service agents to help them systematically manage customer inquiries and issues. With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, agents have access to multiple features designed to improve their productivity, collaboration, and skills in resolving customer issues.

Key agent experiences in Dynamics 365 Customer Service include:

Omnichannel communication: Communication is simplified with all the necessary channels, such as email, phone conversations, and social media integrated into one interface to resolve issues deftly.

Case management: This feature provides tools to guarantee that customers get correct answers fast, enabling them to open inquiries in no time while keeping track of ongoing cases effortlessly.

Knowledge management: Dynamics 365 Customer Service equips agents with frequently asked questions and troubleshooting guides. It offers a comprehensive knowledge management system that stores critical information, including articles, documentation, and troubleshooting guides, all in real time.

AI-powered suggestions and recommendations: AI capabilities that provide helpful suggestions and recommendations to aid the agent throughout the process. These suggestions can include relevant articles, responses, and next steps to resolve customer inquiries.

Collaboration and teamwork: Agents can access various tools that make collaboration and teamwork smoother than ever. Through the ability to assign cases or teams on the one hand and chat with other agents for case discussions and knowledge sharing on the other, customers can receive faster service resolution when they need it most.

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Dynamics 365 Sales Updates

With Dynamics 365 for Sales, your customers’ needs are in the spotlight. Be sure to leverage insights and intelligence to provide an optimal buying experience that will keep them coming back, satisfied each time. Here are some of the key sales updates in the Wave 2 release.

Sales Accelerator enhancements

Sales Accelerator transforms the Dynamics 365 Sales experience and frees up valuable time for sales teams. It allows customer relationship-building activities to take center stage in pursuit of closing more deals than ever before. For example, you can automate mundane tasks such as lead prioritization, call logging, and follow-up schedules.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement revolutionizes the sales process:

  • Personalized email templates track engagement.
  • Machine-learning algorithms prioritize leads and opportunities according to the likelihood of success.
  • Follow-up tasks include scheduling.
  • Accelerate productivity with data-driven insights and automation directly into sales teams’ workflow.

The key features of Sales Acceleration in Dynamics 365 Sales include:

  • Engage with customers using SMS.
  • Use sequences and Up next with any form to create sequences.
  • Customizable worklist cards for contextual information for sellers
  • Enhanced sequence creation experience with a new designer
  • Identify duplicate leads/contacts to improve customer engagement.
  • Improve sales processes via A/B testing in sequences.
  • Achieve more accurate lead assignments using segment priority.
  • Allow sellers to work simultaneously with guidance.
  • Improve lead engagement rates using validated emails.
  • Streamline processes through sequence insights.

Launching Viva Sales

Viva is an app that provides AI-powered sales insights and data automation to help employees stay connected, engaged, and productive. It is designed to integrate with existing productivity and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. It includes the following:

  • Improved sales productivity with AI-powered insights and data automation
  • Streamlined sales team collaboration helps you better understand your customers.
  • Get a deep understanding of your customers.
  • Spend more time engaging with customers and closing deals.

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Dynamics 365 Marketing

An organized marketing strategy can create a loyal and satisfied customer base. Harness the power of predictive analytics to identify customers’ needs and deliver exceptional experiences, both online and in person from the start.

Moment based Marketing

Harness the potential of AI-based customer interactions with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. With personalized customer journey experiences, you will have the power to engage customers in meaningful interactions at every stage—reaching up to 300 million people monthly. Timely reminders of customer actions will also ensure desired outcomes for better planning and confidence on a greater scale.

Marketing personalization updates

  • With the new segment builder, deliver more targeted and personalized customer experiences, increasing engagement, loyalty, and revenue.
  • Gain real-time insights into customer behavior across channels to understand better what actions to take next.
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms and a wide range of data sources for the most accurate insights.
  • Automate marketing processes using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for easier and faster to personalize customer interactions.

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Dynamics 365 Field Service

In Dynamics 365 Field Service, work order costs using not-to-exceed is a feature that allows organizations to better manage their field service operations by setting limits on work order costs. With this feature, organizations can proactively manage costs to avoid overruns.

  • Keep track of spending and stay within budget on specific work orders.
  • Obtain real-time alerts when work orders are reaching their target cost.
  • Understand various costs, such as parts and labor, for optimization purposes.
  • Reduce field service costs over time.

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