Top reasons businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

10 reasons you must choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is of great importance to find a CRM that serves your business right and meets all the requirements, especially in the long run.

Microsoft has been home to numerous software applications and solutions that help businesses step into a vast world of possibilities, and Dynamics 365 is one such application that empowers companies to succeed in their respective industries.

Dynamics 365 is a CRM that provides users with a 360-degree view of processes, insights, and outcomes. It is a cloud-based platform that can bring businesses to scale and modify solutions as and when they adapt to their industrial environments. Advanced integrations with Office 365 and real-time business insights and spot-on customer engagement make Dynamics 365 popularly in demand. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is flexible in ways in which the deployment can happen either in-cloud or on-premise, it depends on the company and its nature of business. As a result, it paves the way for a seamless experience for users and their customers.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

Improve efficiency with Data centralization

Dynamics 365 unifies advanced Customer Relationship Management features and helps users operate in a centralized platform which helps increase the efficiency to monitor business processes. In addition, Dynamics 365 integrates with other Microsoft applications, cloud services, and external data sources such as websites, surveys, and databases. Centralization allows companies to spot weaknesses and strengths and this factor contributes to the betterment of business performance.

Build long-term customer relationships

A challenge that all companies face is to manage a healthy relationship with their customers and keep them engaged. Dynamics 365 is a CRM that streamlines business activities, blends in and facilitates easy management of customer relationships through the centralized application. As a result, business consistency visibly improves when the retention rate increases because of its feature-rich platform.

An integration-friendly platform

Companies across the globe make use of Microsoft platforms in their everyday tasks, such as Office 365; how wonderful would it be if your CRM could seamlessly integrate with the platform to promote better efficiency and productivity? Dynamics 365 easily integrates with commonly used Microsoft and other third-party applications; most importantly, this CRM makes integration possible(redundancy) with CRMs and ERPs such as Salesforce and SAP.

Step-up data security

A security breach is a common fear for businesses of all sizes, so Microsoft highly prioritizes the safety of customer data. Dynamics 365 keeps information extremely secure as it meets the EU and GDPR privacy policies and keeps your data secure by default.

Frequent application updates

Microsoft takes immense pride that it provides its customers with the best upgrades that can make a difference in business growth. Dynamics 365 has two major releases in a year with weekly updates, which add to the improvement in capabilities.

Avoid monotonicity with automation

Automation rules over this era of digital transformation, and it helps save time, effort, and monotonous repetition. The Dynamics 365 CRM helps automate business processes that are customizable based on business requirements to achieve a set goal. It ensures that the approval process is no longer a clog in the pipeline. Notification and approval processes become seamless as they follow a particular set of rules or guidelines that lead to desired outcomes.

Top-tier accessibility

If a CRM can only support work on one of the platforms, such as iOS, Windows, or Android, it would be a massive problem for the business to function normally, and it will end up with a lot of discrepancies. The digital era is all about remote lifestyles and still being able to achieve goals. Dynamics 365 supports iOS, Android and Windows, this means there will be no interruption to the productivity in terms of accessibility.

Dynamics 365’s usability

Since Dynamics 365 promotes accessibility, users feel comfortable while they use Dynamics 365. For example, a Windows user will the familiarity immediately with the Dynamics 365 platform. In addition, customer onboarding does not take too much time, money, or effort.

Way to better decision making

Dynamics 365 allows businesses to monitor real-time insights with the help of a powerful Power BI interface that helps ensure that all the functions are in sync with the KPIs. Insights are critical to make the right decisions and to maintain a data-driven platform. The Power BI platform visualizes all the insights and converts them into analytics and decisions.

The best of Licensing

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers transparency and simplicity in cloud licensing that is customizable, which means the user only pays for what they need. In addition, the CRM follows a monthly billing process, and helps avoid lags in business plans and the overall budgets.

The perfect Dynamics 365 CRM solution with DemandDynamics

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