Factors CEOs’ should consider while choosing CRM & ERP Solutions

CRM & ERP Solutions

For many CEOs, implementing a CRM/ERP solution to their business is of utmost importance to keep their business up and running.

It has become an essential strategy that puts customer at the centre of business operations so as to increase profits by improving customer acquisition and retention.

Choosing a right CRM/ERP solution for an organization is a complex process and from the industry narrative it is believed that CEOs consider CRM/ERP implementation as a high-risk operation. And for driving significant return on investment, businesses often require the right resources along the way.

To ensure the success of a CRM initiative, upper management must have a clear vision and establish a customer-focused culture.

What CEO’s need to know before implementing a CRM/ERP solution?

To establish a customer-focused culture throughout the entire organization, here are some of the prerequisites for the top level management before they get into the groove.

Understand the technology to enable internal processes

Many enterprise level companies spend millions of dollars on their CRM/ERP solutions to put the organization on the track to business excellence. But most CEOs fail to understand the need to make the investment viable without considering what the actual business requirements are. When we mean ‘actual’ they are essentials for the business. CEOs should be able to comprehend the functionalities of the solution opted, costs involved in it, the technical debt they create, life-cycle of the implemented solution and the security of the organizational data.

Keep track of real cost/benefit of technology

CRM/ERP solutions typically costs a small fortune with good return on investment if implemented under the guidance of certified experts. It is true that technology investments go a long way deep into the business verticals from sales, marketing to finance and accounting. But the catch is, identifying the business problems and solving them with a customized solution. Most organizations end up paying for more than what they need. CEOs should have a clear understanding where their investments are going into. Get a free license review of your Microsoft Licences today.

Keep up with emerging technologies that enable innovation

Ushering from one end to the other end of the board-room closing on deals, CEOs hustle hard to stay competitive. While the best-in-class CEOs make their competitors run for their money, they also keep themselves updated with the emerging trends in the industry. The most recent being, Microsoft’s CRM strategy extending beyond Dynamics 365 to cover Teams for collaboration, Office 365 for content and ERP for back-office integration. There’s an increasing adoption rates for Dynamics 365 and CEOs are placing their bets big on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for years to come.

If you are skeptical about why Dynamics 365 for your business – checkout this comparison chart – Dynamics 365 Vs Salesforce.

Get an expert vendor who can offer customized solutions to your business

As we talk about finding the root-cause to business problems and solving it through a CRM/ERP implementation, the most recommended way is to go for a customized solution. Any business solution you opt for should reflect and resonate with your business teams. Be it sales, marketing, finance, customer service etc. The more customized your solution is, higher are the chances your business problems get addressed and lower are the costs involved as you eliminate extra costs by doing a thorough evaluation of your business needs.

To cut down further more on expenses, Explore our ODS model where you only pay for hours consumed. 

Here are some of the reasons why a CRM/ERP solution is essential

  • Cost control
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Increased cash flow
  • Customer loyalty
  • Scalability

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