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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables agents to offer customers the seamless service they expect - anytime, anywhere. Empower your customer service team and delight your customers with Microsoft's end-to-end service and support management software, Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

  • Respond quickly to customer requests
  • Pivot smartly to market changes
  • Exceed customer expectations by using intelligence

Dynamics 365 for Sales – Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Customer Service - Capabilities

Insights from AI

  • Transform the customer support experience with a powerful artificial intelligence framework
  • Personalize every interaction with insights provided by AI based on each customer’s journey
  • Resolve issues using predictive analysis on data from connected devices

Agent power

  • Guide agents using agent-facing bots to surface relevant information and provide recommendations
  • Accelerate time to impact with in-app learning that gets new agents up to speed quickly
  • Create upsell or cross-sell opportunities with recommendations driven by machine learning

Play with the platform

  • Customize the app with no-code visual editors and flexible tools to build web and mobile apps.
  • Integrate third-party systems and Dynamics 365 apps for a unified service environment

Support ticket tracking

Track and manage customer support tickets generated via email, phone or web

Support process flow

Move tickets across configurable process flows to track their progress and gain valuable insight

Knowledge base

Use an internal knowledge base to automate email responses to customer inquiries

Customer portal

Utilize Microsoft's customer service portal to allow customers to submit and manage support tickets

Dashboards and reports

Create interactive dashboards to track trends, activities, and social media interaction.

Some customizations

Some customizations
we implemented -

Configure process flows that provide prescriptive advice guiding agents to successful outcomes by following your business rules and best practices.

Trigger notifications that alert managers if unresolved issues are at risk of breaching SLA conditions enabling corrective action to be taken to preserve service quality and protect relationships.

Deploy integrated self-service web portals that enable customers to find answers, make service requests, update contact information and interact with their peers.

Assist web, portal and app users with integrated chat and personalized omni-channel experiences.

Use integrated Microsoft Forms Pro surveys to collect customer opinions and ratings to act on this feedback and enrich data.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

From responding quickly to customer requests to exceeding customer expectations by using intelligence, Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides seamless end-end customer experiences that gives you a competitive edge.

What are the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Some of the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service include,
· Insights from AI
· Support process flow
· Customer Portal
· Dashboards and Reports

How can I get started with Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

From deploying integrated self-service web portals to assisting app users with integrated chart, Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps in enhancing your business experience. Talk to our experts now.


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