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Reality check: Many companies today are mis-licensed. It is because, usage level requirements have evolved which do not fit the current licensing plan or maybe, there’s more horsepower than you may need with your existing licensing plan. In either of these cases, the risk of costs associated are high. But, how to flatten the curve?

Here’s an opportunity to identify the gaps and level-set with a best-match licensing option that cut your license costs by as low as 20-35% and also improve productivity.

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Our expert analyst team will conduct a comprehensive license review of the organization’s Microsoft software products and generate a report that will give you a 360-degree view of your license capabilities and the usage levels to find out if your users are inadvertently using licenses that can be downsized.

We suggest improvements/license upgrades based on your user history

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We help you establish an accurate license for your business by cutting down costs whenever and wherever required. Here’s a case-study to back our claim.

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

How a Seattle based Non-Profit company streamlined
donation process using Dynamics 365

“The Dynamics 365 solutions that DemandDynamics designed and deployed have saved us countless hours and helped us more efficiently deliver tens of thousands of donations to thousands of youth in foster care throughout the greater Seattle area. DemandDynamics has been a great strategic and tactical partner through this transformation.”

– William Wood, IT Manager, Treehouse

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We helped reduce Treehouse’s monthly subscription investment by about 17% saving the non-profit about $7.500 per year. You could save more

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