The Field Service industry and its 6 Trends in 2022

Field Service trends in 2022

The field service industry has been one that holds major importance throughout the years.

This industry has been growing at a grand Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.7% which is forecasted to stay that way until 2030.

The way industries and various sectors have had to adapt to the new way of business proceedings due to the pandemic has taken a toll everywhere. Technological advancements, automation, the facility to work remotely, and harnessing the offerings that mixed reality gifts have all had a positive outcome on various industries. This brings these 6 trends into action for the field service industry for the year 2022.

One of the most important things that field service stresses are the role of the employees, especially the field service technicians who have to have direct conversations with customers. These 6 trends can help eradicate miscommunications or delays caused by poor ETAs.

Field Service trends of 2022

Here are 6 field service trends of 2022

  1. Remote services – Being pandemic safe

It came to the industry’s attention how responsible customers of today’s market were worried about letting field service technicians in their homes amidst the pandemic. This very concern has brought a rise in demand for contact-free services. Now with the additional advantage of having AI, IoT, and mixed reality, remote servicing in real-time has become relatively easy and seamless. Not only do customers find this advantageous, but technicians find this rather safe and time-saving too. Operational costs are reduced by a huge margin along with transportation costs.

  1. Harness the power of automation

Automation has become a huge part of today’s business world because, at the end of the day, everything boils down to getting work done within a set timeframe and with precision. In the field service industry, there are manual processes that can become tedious and divert administrative workers and frontline workers from their other high-priority service tasks. If critical service tasks are compromised, customer relationships can come to a standstill which can again, affect the business.

Field service management software comes along as a lifesaver as entire processes can be automated, scheduled, and assigned to respective technicians without interrupting the existing schedules.

  1. Prediction is better than disasters

With the collective force of AI, machine learning, and analytics, prediction is performed to make sure there are no device failures and to take preventive measures if any such error is predicted.

Predictive analysis has been active throughout the technological world for quite some time now and field service technicians can harness it to make better decisions. IoT-enabled tools that technicians use to monitor equipment health, trigger alerts, and follow protocols in case there are any damages detected.

  1. Round-the-clock Self Service 

Customers of today’s world expect everything at their fingertips, be it transparency, instant access to appointment calendars, or tracking technicians. This is why the self-service portal was brought into the picture with round-the-clock online support.

Customers are empowered to create service requests, share device-based questions, follow past service calls and get simple solutions for queries with the self-service portal.

This 24/7 service paves way for customer satisfaction and cuts down on organizational service costs.

  1. Mobility – a necessity

Mobile technology is not a want, but a need, especially for field service technicians. Not only does it facilitate remote solutions to problems, but it also helps customers who have the field service app with guided instructions from technicians.

The field service application facilitates technicians with their schedules and receives proper directions when they go for on-site resolutions. The customer’s details and the type of repair they are expected to make are all listed in the application. They can increase their fix rates by communicating with other technicians via Microsoft Teams.

  1. Mixed reality – a versatile tool

Mixed reality, also called augmented reality is gaining popularity and is being adopted throughout the field service industry. It helps improvise on customer experience and address demands as they escalate. Mixed reality is said to facilitate the Field service industry in two ways, it can be a visually focused remote tool that allows virtual collaboration amidst customers and technicians. It can also be used as an interactive visual guide for technicians, aided with intricate diagrams and instructions of the equipment they are asked to overlook.

The journey to mixed reality is one with many benefits, cutting edge technology and intelligence in an information-rich environment are set for organizational success. Customer experiences and remote services flourish as do self-services and virtual collaboration. Mixed reality is the field service industry’s highlighting trend in 2022.


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